How to Overcome Creative Block Like a True Artistic Warrior!

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Creative Block

The work of an artist or any individual requires passion and patience, as the new way of creating fresh and creative material is continually evolving and, at the same time full of risks and limitless opportunities. Between constant tweaking, producing new jobs, throwing out entire ideas, and feeling vulnerable, slipping into a creative block is merely part of the regular creative process. Creative Block can be simply defined as blocks or barriers to our creativity and can potentially hinder our imagination or innovative ideas and thus block our inspirations!

If you are also facing writer’s block or an artist’s block, we bring you the best ways to overcome a creative block letting your imagination juices flow and carving out the artist in you!

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What Causes a Creative Block?

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An individual may encounter a creative block for a variety of reasons. Many authors, performers, and musicians have recorded cycles of stalled inspiration at any stage in their careers, F. Scott Fitzgerald and the cartoonist Charles Schultz. It can be challenging to get through a creative block. If you are also merely being mindful of where, how, and why a creative block occurs, then it can allow a person to grow through a creative block and keep it from recurring. One’s internal critic, often helpful in the context of completing work or improving one’s position in society, may also come in controlling these facets of feelings or actions.

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How to Deal with a Creative Block?

Luckily, there are a few tested approaches on how to deal with a creative block. And even luckier, we’ve done some research for you, so you wouldn’t have to look for yourself! Here are five best tips to overcome creative block like a true artistic warrior!

Loosen Up a Little

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Going through a creative block, it is easier to just give in and take it up as an excuse to procrastinate. But what’s the right thing do to here is to shake things up a little! Instead of opening yourself up for yet another ‘job’ day, switch the momentum and set aside some time to ‘play’ without deadlines or goals. Explore your resources, try different methods, and find out the natural and raw process that you would not usually include with your business-oriented, get-to-get-this-done thinking.

In exchange, this activity will cause a domino effect and create space in the brain to adapt to different stimuli and creative approaches. You’ll hopefully keep coming up with a few nuggets of motivation and ideas to provide a basic framework for upcoming creative development in ways you’ve never thought of previously.

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In Zen Buddhism, leisure time enables users to access your ‘beginner’s mind’ – a state in which everything is fresh, healthy and exhilarating. And that is when you remove all your preconceived notions.

Set a Routine

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Setting up a routine not only enhances our current effectiveness but moreover stimulates our emergence of fresh and creative ideas from a fresh mind. On the other hand, authors who struggled for motivation or decided to abstain from creating entirely when being blocked saw very little change in their attempt to produce new work. Thus, the best way to overcome creative block is to set out certain hours in a day where you can just follow a specific routine, whether it be exercising/taking a walk, sitting down to write/paint/think, and then shuffling up whichever things work best for your routine.

If you devote a defined stretch of time to your creative output, the easiest way to get started is—just start! Give oneself space to change, render it your task and get something on board. You’re going to have more than enough time to amend after that, and at the very least, making something tentative will result in better options later on.

Don’t Force Creativity

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When nothing ever seems to click, here is another pro tip: don’t push it. Take some advice from the book by designer, artist and author Adam J. Kurtz and allow yourself a chance to reflect on your work with fresh perspectives. And here is the advice: “Forcing oneself to be ‘creative’ is useless. It isn’t a simple capability that you either should or should not do, but a collection of mental and psychological tasks that often just don’t come around.”

Every creative person loses their steam of creativity now and then. It’s okay to take some time and continue again afterwards, once you’ve taken your brain a rest. You can be happily shocked to see what develops after some time to recover. So, if you are going through a creative block, don’t push yourself too hard or force your creativity but relax, take time to reflect and then slowly spend time brainstorming and your creative juices will gear up again!

Grow from your Creative Blocks

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Try to associate your creative blocks with growth. Fear is the polar opposite to imagination and often dissuades us from pursuing or trying something risky. We frequently credit previous encounters to decide how we go forward, but this can be a precarious route if you don’t have the right approach. Take time to figure out your journey and what you have gone through before and then have a “this too shall pass” mindset which will help you get through your creative block very effectively.

Self-doubt will justify your doubts and habitual thoughts by sabotaging your imaginative instincts, which are by nature unconventional. If chaos is “doing the very same expecting a different outcome,” it is indeed time to start taking a better look at the process as you make your creative output. Reflect on your growth and be thankful to who you are today. This is how you can take a fresh approach to overcome your creative block successfully!

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Take Care of Yourself

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Just listen to your mind and body and give it some rest. If you consider yourselves under pressure, grant yourself the room to think, brainstorm and imagine! The best way to welcome your creativity back is to do menial and routine things. Spend a day all by yourself. Wake up, go for a long walk, cook breakfast, and then take a shower. Indulge in proper self-care for the day and give your brain the time and space it needs to become active again. Often trying to take care of yourself is what you need to refresh to make significant progress.

People in all types of work ought to perform just that little self-care every once in a while, and particularly for creative people, it is hard not to believe about the systems of the body in order to get through the right state of mind. It’s surprisingly straightforward to get pulled into a task and forget to eat or rest, which will always come back and bite you.

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The creative block is going to happen to the best of us, so it wouldn’t have to interrupt you in your path. We hope that these proven tips and ways to overcome creative block help you jump back on your creative saddle and conquer whichever artform you are consistently working on. Looking for creative writing or fine arts courses? Reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we will guide you in finding the right program and university to equip you with the knowledge and skillset to thrive in your field! Sign up for a free session right away!

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