NCERT Class 8 Maths Syllabus

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Class 8 Maths

Considered as one of the essential subjects to become successful, Mathematics is a vital part of our schooling, at least till class Xth! From simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to complex theories like rational numbers, factorization and whatnot, the NCERT class 8 Maths syllabus takes an advanced flip. If you are someone who is about to start their class 8th session, here is an insightful blog covering all the topics you are to study in the upcoming year!

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Chapter 1: Rational Numbers

You will learn about the topic like Properties of Rational Numbers, Rational Numbers between two Rational Numbers, Representation on Number line etc.

Chapter 2: Linear Equations in one variable

Solving equations which have linear expressions on one side and Numbers on the other side, some applications, reducing the equation to a similar form, solving equations which have variables on both sides, equation reducible to the linear form are the major topic of class 8 maths.

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Chapter 3: Understanding Quadrilateral

Following are the important concepts of this chapter- Polygons, kinds of Quadrilateral, Sum of measures of the exterior angles of a polygon, some special parallelogram etc 

Chapter 4: Practical Geometry 

Chapter 4 will explain about Constructing a parallelogram, some special cases 

Chapter 5: Data handling

Class 8 maths syllabus for this chapter will have topics like Looking for information, grouping data, organising data, chances and probability, circle graph or pie chart, etc.

Chapter 6: Squares and Square Roots

Properties of Square Roots, some more interesting patterns, finding the square root of a number, Square Roots, Square Roots of decimals, Estimating square roots 

Chapter 7: Cubes and Cube Roots

This unit of the syllabus will provide you with insights about cubes and cubes roots. 

Chapter 8: Comparing Quantities

These are the concepts included in this chapter of maths syllabus Recalling Ratios and percentage, finding the increase or decrease per cent, the price related to buying and selling (profit and loss), finding discounts, compound interest, sales tax/ value-added Tax/ Goods and services tax, deducing a formula for Compound interest, applications of compound interest formula, rate compounded annually or half-yearly (semi-annually).  

Chapter 9: Algebraic Expression and Identities

Class 8 maths syllabus of chapter 9 includes What are expressions, Terms, factors and coefficients, monomial, binomial, polynomial, like and unlike terms, multiplication of Algebraic Expression, addition and subtraction of Algebraic Expression, multiplying a monomial by a monomial, multiplying by a monomial by a polynomial, what is an identity?, multiplying a polynomial by a polynomial, Standard identities, applying Identities etc

Chapter 10: Visualising Solid Shapes

Important concepts of this unit are- View of 3D shapes, Mapping space around us, Faces, edges, vertices 

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Chapter 11: Mensuration

Area of a trapezium, area of a polygon, solid shapes, area of a general Quadrilateral, volume and capacity, the surface area of a cube, cuboid, cylinder, the volume of a cube, cuboid and cylinder, are some of the essential inclusions of this unit.

Chapter 12: Exponents and Powers 

Here are some important points of this chapter of class 8 maths- Powers with Negative Exponents, use of Exponents to express small numbers in standard form, Law of Exponents

Chapter 13: Direct and inverse proportions 

Chapter 13 of maths syllabus will enlighten you about Direct proportions and inverse proportions.  

Chapter 14: Factorisation

Vai this chapter, you will get familiar with What is Factorisation?, division of algebraic expressions continued (polynomial + polynomial), Division of algebraic expressions, etc. 

Chapter 15: Introduction to graphs

This unit is all about Linear graphs and their applications.  

Chapter 16: playing with Numbers 

You will learn about the topic like Numbers in general form, letters for digits, games with numbers, a test of divisibility in this unit of maths syllabus. 

Reference Books 

Apart from the NCERT textbook for class 8 Mathematics, one can also refer to the following books in order to comprehend the syllabus thoroughly: 

Books  Links
Madhuban Targeting Mathematics for Class 8 by Pearl Scott & Sheetal Choudhry Click Here to Buy!
Pearson Active Maths Textbook for Class 8 Click Here to Buy!
Full Marks Guide Mathematics for Class 8 Click Here to Buy!
Bharti Bhawan RS Aggarwal Mathematics Textbook for Class 8 Click Here to Buy!
Rachna Sagar Together with Mathematics for Class 8 (2020) Click Here to Buy!


How many chapters are there in NCERT Maths class 8?

THere are 16 chapters in NCERT Maths class 8.

What is the first chapter in NCERT Maths class 8?

The first chapter in NCERT Maths class 8 is Rational Numbers. You will learn about the topic like Properties of Rational Numbers, Rational Numbers between two Rational Numbers, Representation on Number line etc.

Which is the best book for NCERT Maths class 8?

Madhuban Targeting Mathematics for Class 8 by Pearl Scott & Sheetal Choudhry
Pearson Active Maths Textbook for Class 8

We hope that this blog about the class 8 maths syllabus has provided you with clear insight into the subject. To solve all your career queries regarding what to choose after class 10th, reach out to our Leverage Edu experts!

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