Music Production Courses in Delhi

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Music has a language of its own. No matter the origin or language of the words used but music always makes our day lively and fun. It has a way of expressing emotions which even we cannot find words to convey. Be it hip hop dance battles, happy beats, soulful ghazals, engaging raps or heart-wrenching tunes – whatever your mood music covers it all. Are you a music lover too? Want to learn how to produce music and create an effect on the audience? Wanna make people dance to your rhythm? What better way to learn from the best near you? In this Leverage Edu blog, we have listed down the Top Music Production Courses in Delhi that will help you build a career in Music.

Best Music Production Courses in Delhi

Learning music is not just about practising but practising with the best tutors. With good guidance, you can touch the skies in your field. So, we have made a list of the best music production course providers in Delhi that can help you reach your goal:

Spin Gurus

CoursesFees (can be paid in installments)Mode of teachingCourse Duration
DJRs. 59,000
(5% discount on 1 time payment)
Offline60 days – 2 hours for 3 days per week
Music ProductionRs. 79,000
(5% discount available)
Offline and Online90 days – 2 hours for 3 days per week
Sound DesignRs. 29,000
(5% discount available)
Offline and Online30 days – 2 hours for 3 days per week
Mixing and MasteringRs. 49,000
(5% discount available)
Offline and Online60 days – 2 hours for 3 days per week
Sound EngineeringRs. 1,99,000
(5% discount available)
Offline180 days – 2 hours for 3 days per week
  • Famous alumni – Avvy Sra, NDS, DJ Nitish, Mr. VGrooves, GrooveDev, Jassi X, Amar (Element7), VDJ Kamya, Beatslayer, Nation Brothers, Sick and Sane, DJ Smita, DJ Sid, The Stranger, VDJ Naren and many more.
  •  Hostel facility available

Explore the Best Music Courses Globally


Normal Track1 year – 2 hours/3 days a week
Fast track6 months – 4 hours/ 3 days a week
Weekend optionSaturday and Sundays or only Sundays
  • The course fees is approximately Rs.60,000 – 65,000


Music Production and advanced
music production
Online and Offline
Sound EngineeringOnline and Offline
Mixing and masteringOnline and Offline
Music theoryOnline and Offline
Guitar and keyboard classesOnline and Offline
  • Duration can be selected by the student as once, twice or thrice a week according to the need and convenience. The fee has to be submitted at once.
  • Alumni – Jas Love, Donald Lyall, Khushi Kaur

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Music School of Delhi

Courses offered
Music Production
Music Theory

High Music Academy

Courses offeredCourse FeesDuration
Music ProductionRs.1,75,0006 months – 2 hours/3 days per week
Audio EngineeringRs. 90,0004 months
Mixing and MasteringRs. 69,0001.5 months
Electronic music productionRs. 49,0002 months
Recording arts and acousticsRs.45,0001 month

AAFT School of Music

Bachelor degree course3 or 4 years
Masters course2 years
Diploma and PG Diploma courses1 year
Certificate courses3 months

Top 10 Music Schools in India

Crypto Cipher

Electronic music productionRs. 60,0002 months
Sound Engineering DiplomaRs. 1,80,00010 months
(including 2 months of internship and projects)

Craft Film School

Electronic Music Production CourseRs. 95,0001 year
RJRs. 25,0003 months
Sound recording and audio engineeringRs. 95,0001 year
  • Hostel facility available


Is there a music production course in Delhi?

Yes, music production courses are available in Delhi in the above mentioned institutes.

Which is the best place to learn music production in Delhi?

We have provided a list of the best places which teach music production course in Delhi.

Can I teach myself music production?

Yes, you can teach yourself music production. There is a lot of information available on it but you would need more resources and equipment to be able to master it properly.

Is music production a good career?

Based on the flourishing music industry that we have in India, yes, music production is a good career option if you are passionate. Nothing can be achieved without considerable effort and hard work.

These were the music production courses in Delhi. Hope you enjoyed it and it helped you in deciding which course is to your liking. Do you want to know about music icons like Beyonce, Shakira, Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran? Try our blogs about these famous music personalities. If you want to know about the right course and university that matches your interests and career goals, then allow Leverage Edu‘s revolutionary AI Course Finder tool to make your task easier.

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