Audio Engineering Courses And Universities

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Audio Engineering Courses

When we talk about music, probably only vocals and lyrics come to our mind. But there are certain fundamental aspects more crucial than these two without which modern music would not have been possible. Audio Engineering is a specialized field that equips students with the skills which can be applied to improvise music, record live performances, mixing, balance and adjusting music, etc. Whether concerts or studio recordings, an Audio engineer holds a vital place in taking music to the next level. Just like what Joe Hahn does for Linkin Park. In the last few years, the role of Audio engineers has grown indisputably in the music industry. The luxurious lifestyle, unmatched social interactivity, and the fame this profession offers has made it as one of the most pursued careers by music enthusiasts worldwide. To give you an overview of a career in this field, we will discuss various Audio Engineering courses and the universities offering it. 

Audio Engineering Courses: Top Universities

The demand for Audio Engineering graduates is increasing. This had led universities to offer an array of undergraduate, postgraduate, and short-term courses in this field. Listed below are some of the universities and the Audio Engineering courses they offer:

Middle Tenessee State University

The Department of Recording Industry of MTSU is one of the prestigious faculties of Audio Engineering around the world. Its Bachelor of Science degree programs imparts knowledge in concentrations like Audio Production, Music Business, Commercial songwriting. The Bachelor of Science in Audio Production offered at the university covers the core subjects like Commercial Musicianship, Audio Fundamentals, Songwriting Instrumentation, Digital Audio Technology, International Recording Industry, etc. MTSU boasts of its MFA degree in Recording Arts and Technologies as one of the only few of its kind. Apart from the aforementioned courses, its MBA in Music Business course is also renowned worldwide. Further, these courses are delivered by award-winning professionals who are well-versed with the nitty-gritty of the industry. The department also houses 2 large recording studios, 3 smaller studios, a digital lab for mixing, and a hi-tech audio workstation which provides students with a platform to hone their skills.  who are ready to hone your skills to make you ready for the industry. 

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New York University-Steinhardt

Spread on a 7500 square foot multifunctional studio, which is also one of the largest in the US, NYU is considered as one of the best schools in the world to study Audio Engineering courses in. Tabulated below are the six programs offered by the New York University in Music Technology:

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Bachelor of Music in Music Technology
The bachelor’s degree gives you a solid foundation in the various aspects of Music Technology and Audio Engineering. 
BM/MM in Music Technology:An integrated degree program combining the comprehensiveness of a bachelor’s degree and specialization of a master’s degree. The dual degree can be completed in five years.
Masters of Music in Music TechnologyThis program provides advanced learning on musical acoustics and computer music.
MM, Music Technology+Advanced Certificate in Tonmeister StudiesThis program can be completed in three years thus helping you kick-start your career in this field in a short time. 
Advanced Certificate, Tonmeister Studies:If you are looking for a diploma to start your career as a sound master, then the advanced degree program at NYU is for you. 
Ph.D. in Music TechnologyAmong some of the few research programs in Audio Engineering, the Ph.D. program at NYU is an all in one package for those seeking to use one of the top studios in the world for research purpose. 

Berklee College of Music

Another famous college offering Audio Engineering courses is the Berklee College of Music. The college has a professional faculty having experience of working with a multitude of diverse artists like Lou Reed, Prince, Sheryl Crow. Music Therapy, Jazz Composition, Film Scoring, Songwriting, and Music Education are some of the bachelor courses the university offers. Apart from this, it also offers MM, MA, MBA, and MFA degrees in an array of concentrations like Global Entertainment and Music Business, Vocal Pedagogy, Harp Performance, etc.  

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The Los Angeles Film School

Among the top schools for Audio Engineering courses, The Los Angeles Film School is a name that speaks for itself. The school offers a 36-month Bachelors’s in Audio Production and an 18-month associate degree in Audio Production. The students at the school are equipped with industry-standard equipment and professional-grade software for audio production. The bachelor’s degree at the Los Angeles Film School gives you an in-depth knowledge of the field with hands-on training to make you ready for the industry. It also offers an Associate degree which allows you to develop technical proficiency to build a strong career in this field. 

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Hopefully, you are now familiar with Audio Engineering courses offered across the globe. If you are planning to study this course abroad but are not sure about how to get started it then the experts at Leverage Edu will assist you in selecting the university and completing the admission related formalities so that you can kick-start your career in this unique field. 

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