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Universita Di Padova

Padua, Italy



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Animal care, Information Engineering, Italian Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Techniques and Methods in Psychological Science

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45 : 55

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History, Affiliations and Rankings

The Universita Di Padova is an Italian university located in Padua in the Veneto region of northern Italy. The Universita Di Padova was founded in 1222 by a group of students and professors from Bologna. This is the second oldest university in Italy and the fifth oldest university in the world. In 2021 it was ranked as the second best university among Italian higher education institutions with more than 40,000 students according to the Census Institute. The introduction of empirical and experimental methods and the transfer of theory marked the beginning of a golden age. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the University of Padua became a workshop for ideas and the home of personalities who changed the cultural and scientific history of mankind including Andrea Vesalius, the founder of modern anatomy, and the astronomers Copernicus and Galileo, who observed the sky here. It is affiliated with Coimbra Group and the TIME network. It is among the top 200 universities in the world according to the ARWU. It is ranked #119 in Best Global Universities, #45 in Best Universities in Europe and #2 in Best Universities in Italy

Infrastructure, Campuses and Courses

The university has eight schools, Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Economics and Political Science, Law, Engineering, Medicine, Psychology, Science, and Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage. Libraries, canteens, study halls and other facilities are conveniently located next to the main university buildings and are within walking distance of one another. Other research and other teaching facilities are situated in various cities of the Veneto region, like Vicenza, Treviso, Rovigo, Chioggia-Venice etc. Some of the university’s many research centres are the CRIBI Biotechnology Centre, the Cognitive Neuroscience Centre and the Centre of Studies and Activities for Space Giuseppe Colombo. Animal Care, Information Engineering, Biology of Human and Environmental Health, Biotechnologies for Food Science, Forest Science, Food and Health, Business Administration, Economics and Finance, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, English Studies, Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Mathematics, Molecular Biology, Physics are some of the courses offered by the university. 

Accomplishments and Alumni

The Universita Di Padova is a top 250 university in the world. It is also recognized as the best university in Italy for the quality of teaching. It offers a strong academic background and excellent education to enable graduates to excel in their profession. Giuseppe Tartini (musician and composer), Jacopo Zabarella (physics, metaphysics, and mathematics), and Jan Zamoyski (Polish nobleman, magnate, diplomat and statesman) are some of the notable alumni of the university. 

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

The total number of students at the Universita Di Padova is 48,651, of which 3,844 are international students. A total number of academic staff is 2,223 and the number of international staff is 103. The number of undergraduate degrees awarded are 4,412, number of master's degrees awarded are 2,705, and the number of doctoral degrees awarded are 1,242. The number of research-only staff is 668, the number of new undergraduate students is 10,669, the number of new master's students is 6,484 and the number of new doctoral students is 1,649. Libero Professionista, Luxottica, Amazon, Deloitte, PwC Italy, European Commission and other corporations recruit graduates from the Universita Di Padova. 

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