Technical University of Berlin

Public University

Berlin, Germany

The Technical University of Berlin was founded in 1879, and with time it was recognised as one of the most eminent universities all over Europe. Apart from the main campus, the other two campuses of TU Berlin are situated in the Wedding industrial area and Schöneberg. The Technical University of Ber Read more


Highlights of Technical University of Berlin

  • At present, there are 8,455 people working at the university.
  • TU Berlin's main campus is spread across 149 acres.
  • The male-to-female ratio of the university is 1:0.5.
  • The university has a total of 4 campuses.
  • TU Berlin also provides career services for the students throughout the course to assist them with any query.
  • The living expenses for a student would generally amount up to INR 7 Lakhs.
  • Famous Alumni
    Fritz Haber

    German Nobel Prize Winner

    Wolfgang Paul

    German Physicist

    Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun

    Chief Architect

    Konrad Zuse

    German Civil Engineer

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