🤷‍♀️Why is the SAT Important? 

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Why is the SAT Important?

Study abroad aspirants are frequently confronted with a familiar quandary while preparing for their study abroad journey, namely, why is the SAT significant and why should you take the test in the first place? Well, the Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT, is a standardised test taken largely by individuals intending to pursue their higher education at the undergraduate level from universities overseas. Students who appear for the test are predominantly evaluated on the basis of their English proficiency and critical thinking prowess. In other words, the SAT assesses students’ preparedness to study abroad. Read the article to know more about why the SAT is important. 

Name of the examSAT 
Duration3 Hours 15 Minutes (without essay)
3 hours 50 Minutes (with essay) 
Score Range 400-1600
Questions 154
Registration Fees $60

🤔What is the Purpose of the SAT Exam in India?

Indian students who want to study at a foreign university can send their SAT scores for admission purposes, as SAT scores are commonly accepted at major universities around the world. The SAT test is a commonly taken entrance exam for admission to UG courses at various universities abroad. This standardised test is designed to evaluate an individual’s preparedness for pursuing UG courses abroad. The exam is not only conducted to gauge your English proficiency but also to measure your overall aptitude and cognitive prowess. 

What are SAT scores used for?

Although it is common knowledge that SAT scores are largely utilized for entrance to institutions abroad, SAT scores also play an essential role in course placements. Certain colleges, particularly in the United States, place students in certain courses based on their SAT results. Aside from that, SAT scores can be utilized to qualify for scholarships. There are numerous SAT-accepting universities around the world that provide students with attractive scholarship opportunities. A high SAT score can improve your chances of receiving important scholarships.

👉What are the Benefits of Taking the SAT Exam? 

There are various advantages to taking the SAT exam, especially in 2023, when the exam is now administered online. This version of the traditional SAT exam is shorter, crisper, and gives test takers a more seamless experience. As opposed to the formerly delayed time period, SAT applicants can now expect their results to be provided within a few days. The overall duration of the SAT test has been reduced to only 2 hours, with sections that are significantly shorter than the previous SAT test. Here are some of the major benefits of taking the SAT exam. 

Admission Purpose 

Most universities abroad consider SAT exam scores as a major admission eligibility criterion other than other requisites. The SAT scoring range lies between 400-1600, wherein a score of 1200 or above is generally considered to be decent by most universities abroad. In other words, a SAT score of 1200+ can get you admitted to some of the most prominent universities abroad. For instance, the minimum SAT requirement for studying at the prestigious Harvard University is 1400-1600.  

Faster Results and Shorter Exam 

Unlike its predecessor, the SAT exam is now administered online rather than on paper. The SAT online or SAT digital was adopted in 2023 and will continue to be administered in the years to come. The following are some of the key changes made to the standard SAT exam: 

  1. The duration of the SAT online version is much shorter than the regular SAT exam. 
  2. A shorter version of the exam makes it more convenient and effective for test takers. 
  3. The SAT online results are declared much faster in comparison to the traditional SAT results. 

Scholarship Advantage

SAT test takers are offered scholarships on the basis of their SAT scores. There are numerous organisations and universities in the world that offer lucrative scholarships to international students with decent SAT scores. Individuals with good SAT scores can expect to receive scholarships that provide reimbursements that are adequate enough to cover both academic and living expenses abroad. Some of the major SAT scholarships in the world are: 

Name of the ScholarshipGrant Minimum SAT Score
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship30,000 USD1000
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Asian ERG Scholarship2,000 USD1500
Deana’s Wish Memorial Scholarship2,000 USD1100
Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program4,000 USD1070

👩‍🎓Why is the SAT a Good Indicator of Academic Success?

SAT scores are a good indicator of your overall performance in academics. The test not only tests your proficiency in the English language but also your overall understanding of different subjects and critical thinking abilities. According to numerous surveys, it has been found that SAT scores have been a common denominator in cases wherein students have displayed excellent academic prowess. 

SAT scores are widely accepted across universities abroad and can help you get admission, scholarships, advanced courses, and so on. Furthermore, the SAT is a crucial instrument used by admissions offices to assess a student’s likelihood of success in college.

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1. What are the benefits of SAT in India?

The College Board Scholars Programme assists Indian students from low-income families in their pursuit of admission to overseas universities. Aspirants who get SAT scores ranging between 1300 and 1600 are considered College Board India’s Top Performers and are eligible to apply for a 100% tuition scholarship.

2. What is the duration of the SAT online exam? 

The SAT online/digital exam lasts for 2 hours. 

3. Is SAT easy for Indian students?

The difficulty level of the SAT exam lies between moderate to tough. Although the maths section may not pose a major challenge to Indians, the English writing and reading section may seem challenging to some. 

The SAT exam is a standardised entrance test conducted to gauge an individual’s overall aptitude and preparedness to study in foreign universities. Students intending to study abroad can send their SAT scores for admission purposes. 

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