Universities in Ireland Accepting SAT: Fees and SAT Score Requirement

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Ireland has recently emerged as one of the most popular study abroad locations, thanks to its numerous prestigious colleges, attractive career prospects, specialised courses, scholarships, and other benefits. As a result, the location attracts a large number of international students from around the world. Irish universities, the majority of which accept SAT scores for entrance, offer to shape students into capable individuals by providing great education, first-rate facilities, and placement opportunities. 


Numerous universities in Ireland accept SAT scores for admission purposes. As a result, if you have taken the SAT or plan to take the SAT, you may submit your SAT scores for admission to your desired Irish university. Let’s explore some of the top universities in Ireland that you might consider.

5+ SAT Accepted Universities in Ireland for International Students 

Students who have taken or will take the SAT exam and want to pursue higher education in Ireland can send their SAT results to their preferred universities for admission. Most Irish universities demand a SAT score ranging from 1090 to 1380. There are numerous colleges and universities in Ireland that admit students based on their SAT results, but if you want to opt for the best, here are 5+ universities in Ireland that take SAT scores for admission.

  • Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland
  • National University Ireland – Galway, Ireland
  • National University of Ireland – Maynooth, Ireland
  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland
  • Trinity College Dublin – The University of Dublin, Ireland
  • University College Cork, Ireland

Let us now delve deeper into the topic by learning more about the stated universities in detail. 

Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland

The Institute of Technology, Carlow, can be your gateway to carve a promising future in engineering and technology. The institute is known for its class-apart education, top-of-the-line research and campus facilities, lucrative scholarships, and so on. Here, you will get every possible feature and opportunity to help you embark on your academic and professional journey. The institute boasts of offering a multitude of intensive courses, right from engineering to business and computing. One of the major highlights or plus points of studying here is that you will never be forced to mug up the rhetorical jargon and instead be encouraged to hone your practical skills that can be employed in real-world scenarios. 

Source: Thirdwave Overseas Education

National University Ireland – Galway, Ireland

The National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Ireland, with a rich and profound history dating back to 1845. The university promises to offer an inclusive and accepting safe place for international students, apart from imparting top-tier education. The university even boasts of providing world-class research and campus facilities, lucrative scholarships and placement opportunities. NUIG has often been heralded for being among the top 3% of universities worldwide. Some of the most sought-after courses available here are UG and PG courses in Arts, Social Sciences & Celtic Studies, Science & Engineering, Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences, Business & Law, and more. 

National University of Ireland – Maynooth, Ireland

Located amidst the picturesque hills of County Kildare, NUIM brings a unique charm of both history and modern aesthetics to the table. Like NUIG, the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, boasts a rich legacy and is often heralded as one of the most notable universities in Ireland. Students here are not only mentored by a top-tier roster of academicians but also provided personalised care and attention. Thanks to its amicable and inclusive ambience, international students love the university a lot. One of the major highlights of studying here is the picturesque campus steeped in history, featuring iconic buildings like the Gothic Revival St. Patrick’s College and the stunning Carton Estate. Some of the sought-after courses include undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across the arts, humanities, social sciences, science, engineering, and more. 

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland

If you aspire to pursue a career in medicine and surgery, then the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland is ideal. This prestigious and historic institution provides numerous intensive courses that focus on disciplines such as medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, pharmacy, and other related fields. Furthermore, the institute boasts of offering lucrative scholarships, cutting-edge research facilities, and placement opportunities. Furthermore, the institute boasts of providing lucrative scholarships, cutting-edge research facilities, and job placements. The institution focuses on instilling practical knowledge and skills in students so that they may later apply them in real-life situations. 

Trinity College Dublin – The University of Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College Dublin, one of Ireland’s leading universities, can be a dream come true for those who desire to further their higher education at a reputed university that provides exceptional academic education and lays the route for students’ professional success. The university, located in the centre of Dublin, houses around 20,000 UG and PG students seeking degrees in a variety of subjects such as Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and so on. 

The university is well-known not only for its excellent education but also for providing attractive job prospects for individuals who choose to stay in Ireland and pursue a career. Students can choose from a wide range of UG and PG programmes in fields such as science, engineering, business, and law. In terms of accreditations and accolades, Trinity College (Dublin) has been ranked 98th among the finest institutions in the world by QS World Ranking in 2023. 

Source: Trinity College Dublin

University College Cork, Ireland

University College Cork is one of Ireland’s most prominent and respected universities. With a rich history and legacy dating back to the 1840s, studying here will add to your status quo. The institution provides a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in 30 various fields, including arts, humanities, science, and so on. The courses available here are intended to provide students with extensive information and a practical understanding of the chosen disciplines. The campus culture and friendly atmosphere make it a sanctuary for international students.

SAT Accepting Universities in Ireland 2024:  Fees, Ranking, SAT Score Requirement

Ireland has become one of the most sought-after study-abroad destinations for international students seeking higher education. That being said, SAT takers who wish to enrol in their desired Irish university can send in their scores for admission purposes. Refer to the table below to go through the best SAT-accepting universities in Ireland, their fee rankings, and so on.

Name of the University  Fees QS World Ranking 2024SAT Score Requirement
Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland15,000 EUR (annual)1510
National University Ireland – Galway, Ireland15,000 EUR – 28,000 EUR (annual)#301-3501380
National University of Ireland – Maynooth, Ireland22,000 EUR (annual)#801-8501000-1200
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland15,000 EUR (annual)1100-1200
Trinity College Dublin – The University of Dublin, Ireland32,000 EUR (annual)#81500-1290
University College Cork, Ireland20,000 EUR- 27,000 EUR (annual)#2921470

How to Improve Your SAT Scores for Universities in Ireland? 

The average SAT score necessary in Ireland ranges from 1090 to 1350 or more, which can be a daunting undertaking for many students. Scoring within such a range is frequently a significant difficulty for many test takers, which is why we have compiled a list of preparation suggestions that you may use to increase your SAT scores for Irish universities. Have a look. 

  1. You must keep up with the most recent exam patterns to ace the SAT. This will provide you with a familiarity with common question types, optimal time allocation, question difficulty levels, and areas that require additional practice to increase your scores.
  2. Memorise and revise common mathematical formulas. This will allow you to confidently complete the maths section of the SAT.
  3. Solve several SAT sample papers and practice tests to obtain a better understanding of the exam’s complexities.
  4. Setting time limitations throughout your preparation helps to simulate real-world exam situations. This will improve your general speed and accuracy when taking the SAT, resulting in better time management abilities. This can be quite beneficial throughout the exam.

So that was all about SAT-accepted universities in Ireland. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic. 

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Q1. What are the top universities in Ireland that accept SAT scores for admission? 

Ans: The  Institute of Technology, Carlow, National University Ireland – Galway, National University of Ireland – Maynooth, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and Trinity College Dublin are some of the best universities in Ireland that accept SAT scores for admission. 

Q2. What is the average SAT score requirement for admission to Irish Universities? 

Ans: The average SAT score requirement for admission into Irish universities ranges from 1090 to 1380. 

Q3. What is the minimum SAT score requirement for admission into Trinity College Dublin? 

Ans: The minimum SAT score requirement for admission into Trinity College Dublin ranges from 500 to 1290. 

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