Duolingo Exam for the USA Universities

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Duolingo Exam for the USA Universities

Duolingo Exam for the USA Universities: The Duolingo English Test is among the world’s most prominent and widely accepted English proficiency tests. As a result, students who want to further their studies in the United States can submit their Duolingo Exam Scores to their preferred universities. 

The Duolingo English Test, or DET, evaluates students’ proficiency in the English language.  Although most US universities accept Duolingo Scores, we have curated and enlisted the top US universities that accept Duolingo Scores in this article. 

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Duolingo Exam for the USA Universities-Top US Universities

It is important that you achieve decent Duolingo Test Scores to get admission into the prestigious US Universities. The average score range for admission to some of the leading US universities is 105 to 120.  Refer to the table below to go through the list of the top US universities that accept the Duolingo Test Scores. 

Name of the University Minimum Duolingo Test Score 
University of Utah 105 
Yale University 120
New York University 125
Cornell University 120
Harvard University 125
Johns Hopkins University 120
Washington University 115
Massachusetts Institute of Technology120
Northeastern University 105
University of California Berkeley115

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US Universities Accepting the Duolingo English Test Scores Between 90-100

Although the recommended Duolingo score for admission to the best US universities is between 105 and 120, several institutes in the US admit students with Duolingo Test scores between 90 and 100. Here is a list of such universities. 

Name of the University Minimum Duolingo Test Score 
Arizona State University 95
Kent State University 100
University of Arizona 100
University of Oklahoma100
California State University Northridge95

US Universities Accepting the Duolingo English Test Scores Between 100-110

Refer to the following table to go through the list of universities in the US that provide admission to students with Duolingo Scores ranging between 100 and 110. 

Name of the University Minimum Duolingo Test Score 
Baylor University 110
University of South Florida 110
George Mason University 110
Colorado State University 110
Illinois State University 105

Why Should You Take the Duolingo English Test for Admission to US Universities? 

The Duolingo English Test has emerged as one of the most recognised and accepted English proficiency tests within a short span of time. Most of the US universities today accept Duolingo scores. Here are some of the primary advantages of taking the Duolingo English Test. 

  1. The Duolingo English Test is conducted via online modes. Therefore, you can take the  English proficiency test from anywhere you want.  This can help you save a lot of money on your commute. 
  2. The Duolingo English Test scores are provided to students within a timeframe of 48 hours of taking the test. 
  3. The exam fees for the Duolingo English Test are comparatively lower than other English proficiency exams. 


1. What is a good Duolingo Score for admission to top US universities in 2023? 

Students aspiring to pursue their higher education at the best US universities must achieve Duolingo scores ranging between 100 to 150. 

2. What is the validity period of Duolingo Test Scores? 

The Duolingo Test scores remain valid for 2 years.

3. Does Harvard accept Duolingo?

Harvard University accepts a minimum Duolingo Score of 125. 

Individuals who wish to pursue their dream of studying abroad in the US can submit their Duolingo Test scores to their desired academic institutions. The test is widely accepted across the world and is much more convenient to give in comparison to other English proficiency tests. 

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