Columbia University Acceptance Rate: International Students, Early Decision, By Major, Regular Decision

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Columbia University is one of the prestigious institutes counted among the Ivy League universities in USA. These institutes are the creme de la creme of higher education worldwide, with a very low and competitive acceptance rate to only admit students exuding raw potential. The Columbia acceptance rate is generally the second-lowest in the Ivy League group, with last year recording 3.9%. With an erratic admission rate that varies every year, this blog offers a detailed insight into the acceptance rate of Columbia. It will cover the acceptance rate for various categories, such as international students, early and regular decisions, and majors. Read on to find out more!

University NameColumbia University
Acceptance Rate3.9% (2023-24)
Historical TrendFluctuating for the past 5 years between 3.7% and 5.5%
Application Deadline15 January 2024 (Early Priority Decision)
1 March 2024 (Early Decision)
15 May 2024 (Regular Decision)

Columbia Acceptance Rate 2024: For International Students

For 2024, the Columbia acceptance rate for international students stands at 3.9%. It means that out of 57,129 applicants, only 2,246 received an offer from the university. Past data also shows a wide fluctuation in the institute’s admission rates throughout the years. It generally depends on factors such as the student’s choice of program, their academic record and so on. 

Given below are the acceptance rates of Columbia University for the past 5 years:

YearAcceptance Rate
2022-23 3.7% 
2023-24 3.9%

The above data indicates that Columbia’s acceptance rate fluctuates slightly but remains very low. Generally between 3.7% – 5.5%, students must not expect a significant jump in 2024-25. So it’s safe to assume that the admissions process for international students in 2024 will remain highly competitive.

Columbia Acceptance Rate 2024: Early Decision

Another way to analyse the Columbia acceptance rate is to look at their admit decisions. Admission through an early decision means that the student is bound to attend the university they are accepted into. 

Given below are the acceptance rates of early admission decisions of Columbia in the past 5 years:

YearAcceptance Rate
Class of 2023 (2019-20)14.6% 
Class of 2024 (2020-21)15% 
Class of 2025 (2021-22)10.1% 
Class of 2026 (2022-23)10.3% 
Class of 2027 (2023-24)11.3% 

Columbia Acceptance Rate 2024: Regular Decision

If the students choose the regular decision, it means that they will go through the traditional route of applying to a university. The application process of regular decision generally ends in late winter or early spring, and the admission letter arrives in mid to late spring.

Here are the past statistics of the Columbia acceptance rate through regular decision:

YearAcceptance Rate
Class of 2023 (2019-20)4% 
Class of 2024 (2020-21)5% 
Class of 2025 (2021-22)3% 
Class of 2026 (2022-23)3% 
Class of 2027 (2023-24)3% 

Columbia Acceptance Rate 2024: By Major

Apart from the overall Columbia acceptance rate, the majors offered by the institute also have their own specific admission rates. The acceptance rates of some popular degrees at Columbia University are given below:

MajorAcceptance Rate
Masters of Business Administration (MBA)22.1%
Masters in Engineering (MEng)28%
Master’s in Communication (MCom)19%
Master’s in Law (LLM)11.3%
Masters in History5-7%

Application Deadlines

Here are some important application deadlines regarding the admission process of Columbia University:

Type of DeadlineDate
Priority Early Action15 January 2024
Early Action1 March 2024
Regular Decision15 May 2024

How to Get Acceptance into Columbia University?

To make it into the highly selective Columbia acceptance rate, students must keep the following things in mind:

  1. Decide when you want to apply and prepare accordingly.
  2. Try to apply for an early decision/action, as your chances of getting accepted are higher through that way.
  3. Keep your documents ready for the application process beforehand.
  4. Only apply through ED when Columbia University is your final choice.
  5. Ensure that your applications are complete and contain all the relevant information.
  6. The application must paint a clear picture of the student’s achievements in academics and extracurricular activities to impress the admissions committee.


Q1. What is the overall acceptance rate for international students at Columbia University?

Ans: While the overall acceptance rate for Columbia fluctuates slightly year-to-year, it typically sits around 3.5%-4%. International students face an acceptance rate that’s even lower, often hovering around 2%-3%.

Q2. Does applying Early Decision (ED) give international students an advantage at Columbia?

Ans: Yes, statistically, applying ED boosts your chances as an international applicant. The acceptance rate for ED applicants is usually around 8-11%, significantly higher than regular decision. However, ED is binding, so ensure Columbia is your top choice before applying.

Q3. Does the acceptance rate vary by major at Columbia?

Ans: Yes, acceptance rates can differ depending on the program you apply to. Certain highly competitive majors like Engineering or Computer Science might have lower acceptance rates compared to others.

Q4. Should I apply Regular Decision if I’m an international student with a strong profile?

Ans: While ED offers a higher acceptance rate, it shouldn’t be the sole driving force behind your decision. You can always apply in regular decision to explore other universities if you haven’t finalized your top college choice or need more financial aid.

We hope that this blog gave you a complete insight into the Columbia acceptance rate in various aspects. Keep following Leverage Edu for more content on universities to study abroad. Thank you for reading!

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