Ireland’s No.1 – Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin
Trinity College Dublin

The institution is the alma mater of greats like Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift. The Trinity College Dublin is one of the leading institutions in the world. Founded in 1592, the college has been setting benchmarks for others in terms of the quality of education.


Trinity College Dublin

has generated more entrepreneurs than any other university in Europe. The number goes as high as 192 entrepreneurs who build 180 companies, raising $2,200M over the last 10 years. All these figures make it clear why this institution is among the best to undertake a business degree.Trinity provides a vast pool of opportunities to its students. The college had strategic relationships with world-class institutions like IIM-B, Fudan University, and Peking University. Let us now study more about what this institution is all about.


    • The academic structure of the college was reworked upon back in 2008 and today, it has 3 academic faculties-
    • Engineering, Mathematics, and Science
    • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Health Sciences
    • Each academic year includes 3 terms, the Michaelmas term (Oct-Dec), the Hilary term (Jan-March) and the Trinity term (Apr-June).
    • Each term incorporates 12 weeks of teaching followed by 3 revision weeks and finally, the 4-week exam period.
    • The college houses 24 academic schools offering courses in disciplines that range from literature to nanoscience and languages to biomedical engineering.
    • Trinity’s flagship MBA program focuses on leadership and entrepreneurship and is tailored to challenge student’s thought process and make them realize their potential.
    • Each element of the program is uniquely designed to stimulate their imagination and sense of innovation. Students are made to experience life and practical learning in company projects.


Class Structure and Student Life
    • Trinity’s student body includes a diverse, vibrant and curious set of individuals brought together under the same roof. Today, the college has an international community of more than 17,000 students, 92,000 alumni members, and 2,900 staff members; a population representing nearly 120 nationalities.
    • The admission body makes sure to maintain the diversity of the cohort so that if there are supposedly 50 students in a cohort, each can learn a great deal from one another.
    • Out of all the students on-campus, 23% are pursuing a PG course while the other 77% are UG students. Also, of all the international students, 67% are doing a PG course and the rest 33%, a UG course.
    • Student life at Trinity is far beyond just the classroom learning with more than 200 clubs and societies. These range from debating to investing, athletics to tennis and theatre to sci-fi. In short, there is something on-campus for every interest.


    • Trinity’s beautiful 47-acre campus rests in Dublin, the capital and heart of Ireland, which is also a business hub. Dublin showcases a mixture of laying fields, historic buildings, and cobbled squares. The state-of-the-art facilities include the nanoscience research center, the Science Gallery, the Biomedical Sciences Institute, the Long Room Hub Institute for Arts and Humanities and the Lir Academy for Dramatic Art.
    • The college’s library houses nearly 4.3 million books, along with an electronic access to 30,000+ journals and a great collection of manuscripts (Book of Kells is the most famous).
    • While there are plenty of options for students to stay in the residential complexes present on-campus, students can still opt to stay off-campus and there’s a wing to support international students till they find suitable accommodation.


The beauty of Trinity College Dublin does not lie only with it being one of the oldest colleges in the world. Instead, it lies with it being one of the oldest by date still one of the most unique by value generation. Whether you want to go for an undergraduate degree or a postgraduate, whether you want to make your career in the field of Arts or Science, the college can be your ideal choice. Get in touch with one of the Leverage experts and start preparing to enter your dream school today.

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