Universities Accepting Only TOEFL Score 90 in Europe

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Universities Accepting Only TOEFL Score 90 in Europe

TOEFL is often considered one of the most difficult English proficiency tests. This test is conducted for all non-native English speakers to get admission to universities abroad. However, getting admission based on this is even more difficult. To make this task easier for you, we have come up with universities accepting only TOEFL score 90 in Europe. 


In this blog, we will talk about TOEFL and the minimum TOEFL marks required by universities in Europe. Before that, here is a quick overview of the TOEFL exam. 

Particulars Details 
Name of the Exam TOEFL
Full Form Test of English as a Foreign Language
Exam SectionsReading, Listening, Speaking, Writing  
Exam Duration 3 Hours 30 Minutes 
Official Website https://www.ets.org/toefl/score-users/ibt.html

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Complete List of Universities Accepting Only TOEFL Score 90 in Europe

One should keep in mind that the higher the score of TOEFL iBT, the more students will get admission to the top universities. Often the TOEFL iBT score in Europe goes around 100 or even higher. 

However, there are several universities in Europe which give opportunities to low-performing students as well. With this, they get to be part of foreign programs and at the same time get to explore the outside culture. Speaking of which, the minimum requirement for a TOEFL score in Europe is 90.

Here is the list of universities accepting only TOEFL score 90 in Europe. Before taking the test, you must keep in mind which university you wish to get into. 

Name of the University TOEFL iBT Requirement Number of Courses Offered 
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden 9013 different departments offering UG and PG programs. 
Stanford University 89 – 100UG and PG programs 
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany901 bachelor’s course, 11 master’s degree program, 5 doctoral programs 
Leiden University, Netherlands 9050 bachelor’s courses and 75 master’s courses
Northwestern University 90 and above UG and PG programs 
Lund University, Sweden908 Undergraduate courses and 100+ post-graduate courses
Erasmus University, Netherlands 9013 bachelor programs, 50+ post-graduate programs 
Duke University90 overallUG and PG programs 
Jonkoping University, Sweden 9080 Bachelors, Master’s and Doctoral programmes
Radbound University, Netherlands90100+ programs in both Bachelor’s and Post Graduate programmes
Brown University90 overallUG and PG programs 

Why is TOEFL a Better Choice for European Universities?

There are many universities which ask for 100 TOEFL scores. Although we have compiled a list of universities which accept 90 as a TOEFL score. There are courses provided by the above-mentioned universities where getting a 90 score is sufficient. 

However, it is requested that the student must get a 100 score as it will broaden one’s choices. 

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Is 90 considered a good TOEFL score?

TOEFL scores ranging on the scale of 90-100 are considered a perfectly good score. With this score, the student will get admission to every university. 

Is TOEFL more difficult to crack than IELTS?

Several students consider IELTS easier as compared to TOEFL, especially the reading sessions. 

Which part of the TOEFL is considered the toughest?

In TOEFL, for everyone, the reading section is considered the toughest. 

This was all about universities accepting only TOEFL scores 90 in Europe. We hope this blog provides you with all the relevant information regarding the TOEFL score.  Build a plan with Leverage Edu‘s Leverage Live classes and our top trainers will strengthen your English score as well as your application so that you can secure a spot at your dream college.

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