TOEFL iBT Practice Test: Download Here!

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TOEFL iBT Practice Test:

If you are preparing for the TOEFL iBT test, you must be going through a lot of study material to learn and practice. Besides the fact that more and more TOEFL preparation is a healthy practice but every aspirant must be aware of the fact that practising material from a non-reliable website might result in wrongful information and ultimately in loss of marks.


Therefore, one must try to practice from the official TOEFL iBT Practice Test and study material from other reliable sources. As ETS has announced changing the duration of the TOEFL Exam also affects the number of questions in each section discover how these practice papers can help you in preparing as per the new guidelines.

Exam NameTest of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
Organising BodyEducational Testing Service (ETS)
Type of TestEnglish Proficiency Test
SectionsReading, Writing, Speaking & Listening
Exam FeeUS $195 (INR ~16K)
PurposeUniversity Admission and Visa

Why Solve the TOEFL iBT Practice Test?

You might wonder, why should one solve the Practice Test. The reasons are simple but many and very important. While we all know that practice makes humans perfect, let’s have a look at some other important reasons to practice test papers. 

  1. Gaining Confidence: Practising the questions and understanding the pattern will give students a sense of familiarity with the questions, and their nature and help in developing answering strategies around them. This builds confidence in the student regarding the exam. 
  2. Understanding the difficulty level: How many questions from which sections took more time or were confusing? How many questions had a greater level of difficulty? What types of questions were easy to solve? All these parameters are personal assessments of the student that they can only know after giving the test. 
  3. Time management: Getting an idea of how much time to invest in what tasks will help you in analysing your speed and accuracy of the test. This is an important aspect and the time should be well distributed among the four sections. Otherwise, the student might lose marks in sections they are confident about only due to a lack of attention and time invested. 
  4. Determining the strengths and weaknesses: Practising the test papers will help you understand what sections require more preparation. You need to have a constant check of your strengths and weaknesses to be able to improve your scores. 
  5. Getting familiarized with exam rules and vocabulary: There are several exam instructions that need to be followed but are ignored by students while practising general questions. This puts them in their comfort zones. Practising tests will help them familiarize themselves with the rules and TOEFL vocabulary they need to follow during the exam. 

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How to Practice TOEFL Practice Papers With New Guidelines

Preparing for the new guidelines means understanding the new guidelines and then solving the sample papers with a transformed approach. Here are a few things to consider for the same.

  • Mostly the change has been in the number of tasks and questions to fit within the time duration.
  • Students can reduce the tasks in the existing sample papers to accommodate this change and then practice according to the new time duration allotted for TOEFL.
  • One must also keep note of the reduction in time duration of individual sections while solving the exam paper.
  • The writing section has a major change introduced in it. The independent essay writing task has been changed to the ‘writing for an academic discussion’ task.
  • Students will be given a lecture delivered by a professor along with some views of some students on the subject.
  • They need to write an essay expressing and supporting their own opinion and views on the discussion along with strong arguments.
  • For this task, students can download online lectures and take an excerpt of 400-700 words to practice.
  • New practice papers with this type of question will soon be introduced by ETS.
  • Here is an example by ETS for what the new writing task should look like: Click Here

TOEFL iBT Practice Test Sample

It is important to work on the right sample questions and practice papers to get the correct idea of the pattern of questions. Here is the ETS-derived TOEFL ibt practice test for the students to go through.

Test Link
TOEFL ibt free practice test transcriptClick Here
TOEFL ibt paper edition practice test Listening Transcripts.pdf
Writing section (Transcript)Writing Transcript.pdf
Listening Section (Transcript)Listening Transcripts.pdf

Practice Test for TOEFL Writing Section

ETS also provides section-wise practice tests for the students to prepare dedicatedly and properly for each section. Here is a sample curated by ETS itself for the TOEFL ibt writing section practice test.

Test Link
Writing section practice test Click Here

TOEFL Practice Questions for the New Writing Task

Here are some questions that the students can practice to get proficient in the new TOEFL Writing Task.

Test Link
Question 1Click Here
Question 2Click Here
Question 3 Click Here
Question 4Click Here
Question 5Click Here
Question 6Click Here
Question 7Click Here
Question 8Click Here
Question 9Click Here
Question 10Click Here

Practice Test for TOEFL Reading Section

As the reading section is also very crucial to score well, there is a separate practice test compilation made by ETS for the practice of the reading section in TOEFL ibt.

Test Link
Reading section practice test Click Here

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Practice Test for TOEFL Speaking Section

TOEFL speaking section is designed to test the verbal communication skills of the student in the English language. Here is a compiled practice test set for the TOEFL ibt speaking section. 

Test Link
Speaking section practice test Click Here

Practice Test for TOEFL Listening Section

The listening section has some really crucial practice points to consider. One can practice through transcripts or audio files for preparation. Here are the samples for the listening section of the practice test. 

Test Link
Listening section practice test (Transcript)Click Here
Listening practice setslistening_practice_sets.pdf
Audio file 1Click Here
Audio File 2Click Here
Audio File 3Click Here
Audio File 4Click Here
Audio File 5Click Here
Audio File 6Click Here
Audio File 7Click Here
Audio File 8Click Here
Audio File 9Click Here
Audio File 10Click Here
Audio File 11Click Here
Audio File 12Click Here
Audio File 13Click Here
Audio File 14Click Here
Audio File 15Click Here
Audio File 16Click Here


Is TOEFL a difficult test?

TOEFL can seem very difficult to clear for those who have not prepared for any such exams before. With proper and timely preparation for the TOEFL ibt test, good scores can be obtained with a lot less difficulty. 

How to prepare for TOEFL ibt?

There are four steps to prepare efficiently and effectively for the TOEFL ibt test in lesser time. First is self-preparation: familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and questions. Nextly, go for short courses and coachings to clear the test. Moreover, one should also learn through preparation guides and books and lastly, one should never forget to prepare through TOEFL ibt Practice Test. 

Why is the TOEFL ibt practice test important?

It is good to practice the TOEFL ibt practice test because of the following reasons: 1. Gaining Confidence, 2. Understanding the difficulty level, 3. Time management, 4. Determining the strengths and weaknesses, 5. Getting familiarized with exam rules and vocabulary. 

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