What is TOEFL Integrated Speaking?

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What is TOEFL Integrated Speaking?

The test of English as a Foreign Language is also popularly known as TOEFL. It is a test used to measure non-native speakers’ English language ability. This test is taken by all those who wish to study in English-speaking universities. The TOEFL exam consists of several rounds, out of which speaking is one of them. The TOEFL speaking test is the third round, right after the listening test. This round is conducted to test non-native English speakers’ ability to communicate effectively. In this blog, you will get to know about what is TOEFL integrated speaking test, its structure, the type of questions which are asked and much more.

Particulars Details 
Name of the Exam TOEFL iBT speaking test
Full Form Test of English as a Foreign Language
Number of Questions Asked  4 different tasks 
Time Duration 17 minutes

TOEFL Speaking Section: Structure, Format

Following the listening test on the TOEFL is the speaking test. This test has the shortest running time: 17 minutes. The candidate is given four tasks to do within this time frame, each with its own time limit.

The first activity is an independent one that requires the candidate to think of an answer and talk about it rather than read or listen. The remaining tasks are integrated, so the applicant must read, listen, or do both.

Speaking of scores, the TOEFL speaking test uses raw points, which are then scaled to a score between 0 and 30.

Check out the format of the TOEFL speaking test:

Task Time Topics
Task One: Independent  1 minute Social Issues
Task Two: Integrated Reading and Listening 3 minutes  Student life 
Task Three: Integrated Reading and Listening 3 minutes  Academics
Task Four: Integrated Listening 3 minutes  Combination of previous two tasks

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Types of Questions Asked in TOEFL Speaking Test

Preparing for any can often be daunting sometimes but fear not as this problem can be solved. In the TOEFL speaking test, the candidate is provided with six tasks where they are judged on the basis of how well they communicate in English. 

The candidate is provided with the following tasks:

  • General questions: 
  • Some popular questions
  • Choice-based same questions
  • Agree or Disagree questions
  • Preference type questions
  • Sample questions

Out of all these tasks, the first two are called independent tasks while the rest four are known as integrated tasks where one will be asked to give their opinions. 

Here are some sample questions which the candidate will be asked in the tasks:

Independent Tasks:

  • Which is your favourite book and why?
  • What is your favourite subject to study?
  • What do you think are the benefits of reading books?

Integrated Tasks:

  • Summarise the main points of the lecture on the basis of its effects on society?
  • Based on the passage you just read, describe the merits and demerits of living in a large city.

Preparation Tips for TOEFL Speaking Test

In order to appear for the TOEFL speaking test, it is very important for the candidate to be well-prepared. Below mentioned are some tips which will help you with the preparation.

  • Write down every word: When practising for the TOEFL speaking test, it is very crucial for the candidate to write down each and every word. By writing down each and every word and then reciting it out loud will help you with a better understanding of how to structure your sentences. 
  • Focus on intonation: When preparing for speaking, one of the most crucial things to focus is on your pronunciation. Make sure the candidate focuses on the pitch, intonation and rhythm of their speech. 
  • Learn words: Finally, when preparing for this exam, make sure you learn new words. Since the candidate will be asked to speak on the spot, therefore they must have a rich vocabulary. 

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What is an integrated speaking test in TOEFL?

In TOEFL, a speaking test is conducted which is the third task after the listening task. In this section, the candidate is asked to listen, read or sometimes even do both.

Is TOEFL speaking test hard?

The speaking test in the TOEFL is said to be one of the most difficult sections. This section can be very hard for several native speakers. 

Is the TOEFL speaking test harder than the IELTS speaking test?

Compared to TOEFL, IELTS speaking is considered to be quite easy. Many students find IELTS easier than TOEFL. 

We hope this blog provided you with all the necessary information about how to take the TOEFL speaking test. It talked about the type of speaking tests, how to prepare for the same and much more.

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