Study in US: Have a Look at These Top 5 Courses For January 2024 Intake

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Study in US: Have a Look at These Top 5 Courses For January 2024 Intake

Studies suggest that thousands of students every year wish to go abroad to complete their higher education. However, there are many chances that the student might miss out on the intake and be forced to wait for the next. 

Well, this is not the case for universities in January. They are quite open to the fact of students re-applying. To make the process more simple, the universities in the US have intakes. These include intakes in summer (which start in May), spring (from Jan-May), and fall (from Sep-Dec).

Top Courses for Jan Intake That USA Offers

Study in US: Top 5 Courses Which USA Provides For January 2024 Intake

There are courses ranging from engineering to computer science and others. Students get to choose from these programs as per their eligibility criteria. By choosing from any one of them, the students will get a lot of job opportunities. 

Here is the list of courses along with some of the universities which the US provides its students for the January intake 2024.

Courses Offered  University  Deadline 
MS in Data Science  The University of Illinois, Chicago October 15, 2023
Boston University November 01, 2023
University of Chicago August 31, 2023
Illinois Institute of Technology November 15, 2023
MS in Engineering Courses Arizona State University August 01, 2023
Texas Tech University October 17, 2023
Cornell University October 01, 2023
University of Florida September 15, 2023
University of Southern California September 15, 2023
MS in Computer Science  University of Florida September 15, 2023
Colorado State University October 01, 2023
University of South Florida November 15, 2023
Boston University November 01, 2023
MS in Business Analytics  The University of Utah October 01, 2023
University of Illinois at Chicago September 01, 2023
University of Colorado at Denver October 15, 2023
BS in Business Administration DePaul University  November 15, 2023

How to apply?

In order to apply for the above-mentioned courses, the student must make sure that they keep a look out for the application deadline as per their intake.

Apart from this, the student must keep the following documents handy with them:

  • English proficiency test scores
  • Transcripts
  • Personal statement
  • Recommendation letters
  • Research Statement

To conclude, there are many leading universities which provide the courses mentioned above. It is up to the student to keep an eye on which university they want to apply to. One of the biggest advantages for spring intake students is that the final year students get to prepare for the competitive exams. This allows them to prepare well and score well.

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