Study in Busan: Your Gateway to Korean Education and Career Opportunities!

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Study in Busan: Your Gateway to Korean Education and Career Opportunities!

Busan, South Korea’s second-largest city, is calling all international students! The city is launching exciting initiatives under the “Study Busan 30K Project” to attract more international students and make Busan an even more attractive study abroad destination. Here’s what you need to know.


Scholarships and Financial Aid

Get ready for some financial support! The brand new “Global Busan Scholarship” will be launched later this year. This scholarship will award six students with around 4 million won (approximately $2,970 USD) each to cover living expenses and flight costs. Keep an eye out for application details coming soon!

Study in Busan: Your Gateway to Korean Education and Career Opportunities!

Internships and Career Support

Busan is all about connecting talented international students with local companies. The city will be working with universities to link students up with internship and career-training programs in shipbuilding and manufacturing, industries where Busan thrives.

Dedicated Student Support Center

Need help navigating Korean classes, visa applications, or just getting settled in Busan? No worries! A “Study in Busan Center” is opening its doors in 2025. This one-stop shop will offer Korean language classes, visa consultations, and other helpful resources for international students. The plan is to expand these centres across the city in the future, making support readily available.

Spreading the Word – University Fairs Abroad

Thinking about studying in Busan but want to learn more? Busan is coming to you! The city will be collaborating with local universities to hold university fairs in Japan and Vietnam. These fairs are a great opportunity to chat with representatives, get program information, and experience the Busan spirit firsthand.

Easing Visa Regulations

Busan recognizes the importance of giving international students a smooth transition after graduation. The city is advocating for changes to career-related visas to make it easier for graduates to stay and find work in Busan.

Here’s a breakdown of the proposed changes:

  • Extended D-10 Visa Internship: The D-10 visa, also known as the job-seekers visa, currently allows internships of up to six months at each company. Busan is proposing to extend this to one year, allowing for longer-term internships and deeper work experience.
  • Wider F-2-R Visa Eligibility: The F-2-R visa allows foreign residents to live and work in Korea for five years, but it comes with a restriction: you can only live and work in designated areas. Currently, only three districts in Busan qualify for this visa. Busan is proposing to expand the eligibility to include more areas in the city.
Study in Busan: Your Gateway to Korean Education and Career Opportunities!

A Collaborative Effort

Busan understands that attracting and retaining international students requires a team effort. As Mayor Park Heong-joon stated, “local governments, universities and local businesses” all have a role to play. The “Study Busan 30K Project” reflects this commitment to collaboration, creating a welcoming and supportive environment for international students to thrive.

Ready to embark on your study abroad adventure in Busan? Stay tuned for more updates on the “Study Busan 30K Project” with your daily news updates. Also, follow Leverage Edu and start your study abroad journey today!

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