Study in UK: Sheffield Savours Victory as the Ultimate UK Food Destination

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Study in UK: Sheffield Savours Victory as the Ultimate UK Food Destination

If you are planning to study abroad and are also a foodie, look for universities in Sheffield as the city has been officially crowned the foodie capital of UK. All the cities in UK were given scores out of 100 based on Google reviews. 


Other factors such as Michelin guide ratings, social data and sentiment were also considered for allotting scores. Considering these parameters, Sheffield scored 99/100 and became the best destination for foodies. 

The city of London is excluded from this list. Besides there are a number of reasons why Sheffield has topped the list. Sheffield hosts a lot of food festivals and also has a lot of food markets selling distinguished cuisines. 

Ranking the City for Its Cuisine

It’s time to turn the tables. So far UK cities and universities have evaluated you based on scores and ranked your eligibility for admission. It is time to see how the cities are ranked and given scores by those living or visiting UK cities for their food. 

You can try multiple things while studying in Sheffield as the lanes are full of food shops of almost all types. Sheffield food markets are also very accessible and they were given a score of 71 by the reviewers. 

However, the food festivals are a greater celebration as they were scored 99. It has also got a score of 54 among the most sought-after destinations for food. Looking only at all this data it is evident that the crown rightfully belonged to Sheffield but there is more. 

Sheffield has four Michelin Guide listed venues. Moreover, it has surpassed cities like Edinburgh with a score of 86 and Newcastle with a score of 77 which have secured the second and third positions respectively. 

5 Best Food Markets in Sheffield

The article would have been incomplete without giving you at least 5 food markets in Sheffield that are over the top. Following is the list; 

Peddler Street Food Market

Location: 82 Burton Road, Sheffield S3 8BX

Sheffield Plate

Location: 31-33 Orchard Square, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2FB, UK

Cutlery Works

Location: 73 – 101 Neepsend Ln, Neepsend, Sheffield S3 8AT, UK

SteelYard Kelham

Location: Unit 4, The Yard, Bardwell Rd, Neepsend, Sheffield S3 8AS, UK


Location: Castle House, Angel St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S3 8LS, UK

We hope you enjoyed our list and have marked the market locations to visit for the best food. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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