Study Abroad: 7 Common Myths That Indian Students Had in 2023

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Study Abroad: 7 Common Myths That Indian Students Had in 2023

This year has also passed with great success in the lives of many students. Not only at the topmost study abroad destinations but students this year have also explored and promoted some emerging study abroad destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 

Moreover, 2023 has also been a year of major changes in the studying abroad process. Whether the COVID-19 guidelines, English proficiency tests, GMAT, visa rules or not, ‘change’ has been the only constant this year. 

However, along with changes, also came myths. Students were overwhelmed with information and hearsay to develop certain myths which at times also became a great hurdle in fulfilling their dreams. 

As the new year is about to start, we thought of starting it with a bit of clarity. Hence, the following are the most common myths that students had in 2023 and what they actually mean. 

More Student Visas in USA are Being Rejected

The number of student visas being applied for in the USA has increased exponentially this year. This led to the bulk processing of study visas and a record number of student visas being issued. In fact, the US Embassy in India granted over 1,40,000 student visas to Indian students. 

The US Embassy In India Granted Over 1,40,000 Student Visas To Indian Students

Post Study Work Rights Duration is Reduced for Indian Students in Australia

The duration of post-study work rights being issued to international students in Australia has been reduced. Nonetheless, this change does not apply to Indian students, they will receive the same duration of post-study work rights as they did earlier. This is due to the trade agreement signed between India and Australia earlier this year. 

Indian Students and Skilled Migrants Exempt From New Migration Strategy

The Visa Application Process in USA has Been Difficult

The strictness of filling in the application forms and incomplete applications is to make the visa processing process faster and more efficient and does not affect your application unless it is incomplete. The visa and immigration authorities have declared that any incomplete DS-160 form or form with sections filled with gibberish will not be processed. 

US Embassy Announces New Instructions on Completing the DS-160 Form

An increase in Funds Required for a Canada Student Visa is a Financial Burden

Canada has recently increased the amount of living funds required to get a study permit in the country. This change was long due as this value was last updated in the early 2000s. This also created a false idea for the students regarding the cost of living in the country. The amount was CAD 10,000 which was way less than the amount it actually takes to live in the country. This change will make sure that the students enter the country with a proper idea of the cost of living in the country and do not get stuck in the middle of their studies. 

Did IRCC Raise the Cost of Living Requirement for Study Permits in Canada From Jan’24?

Duration and Other Changes in Study Abroad Exams Have Made Them Even More Difficult

Has the reduction in exam time made English proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL even more difficult? Or easier? A lot of tasks have been removed or reduced after the reduction in exam time of these tests. Thus, fewer questions, fewer tasks and less duration. Subsequently, easier preparation. 

IELTS One Skill Retake Can Be Taken Anytime

NO! Beware of this assumption and correct them if someone tells you this. IELTS one-skill retake can only be taken within 60 days of the original test. It is not applicable for the entire duration of validity of your scores. Furthermore, the restriction of 60 days is only for sitting the one skill retake, however, its scores will be valid for as long as your original scores are. 

Retake IELTS in Single Modules With One Skill Retake

You Won’t Get Admission if You Have Missed Some College Deadlines

We are aware of the three famous intakes to study abroad. However, if you miss the deadline for fall, summer or winter intake you can still look for universities with extended deadlines and those whose deadlines are later than normal. Fear not, there are some well-reputed universities as well that offer extended deadlines or late admissions. Nevertheless, make sure your course is a part of the extended deadline. 

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