Study Abroad: New Methodology Emphasizes Sustainability and Employability, Shaking Up Rankings! Know More

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Study Abroad: New Methodology Emphasizes Sustainability and Employability, Shaking Up Rankings! Know More
For the 20th anniversary edition, the QS World Rankings has introduced a new “forward-thinking” methodology. This includes three new metrics and has resulted in a “significant shift” in the rankings’ outcomes.

In addition to readjusting the weighting of some current variables, the adjustments include factoring in sustainability, employment outcomes, and an international research network in the rankings. As a result, the QS World Rankings, which includes 1,500 institutions in 104 regions, is the only publication of its kind to place equal emphasis on sustainability and employability.


According to Ben Sowter, senior vice president, of QS, the modifications are being made to “closely align” its flagship rankings with the interests of Gen Z and Alpha, who are “increasingly socially conscious students.” After QS unveiled its first-ever standalone Sustainability Rankings for 2023, it was decided to incorporate sustainability.

QS World Ranking Getting Positive Response

QS World University Rankings received overwhelmingly positive feedback throughout the approach.

University of California, Berkeley, which was ranked first in the world for sustainability in the QS rankings. This made a long-awaited comeback to the top 10 in the 2024 QS World Rankings. Additionally jumping from position 27 to number 10.

Study Abroad: New Methodology Emphasizes Sustainability and Employability, Shaking Up Rankings! Know More

Further, student demand was a driving force for the shift. According to a recent survey, 88% of prospective students believe that the university must work to lessen its environmental effect.

Also, QS was eager to improve the focus with which it considers the employability of universities globally. As a result, this year added a supplementary measure of employment outcomes at a rate of 5%.

However, the addition of new metrics means that some metrics have less weight than others. For example, the faculty-student ratio has decreased by 10%, and academic reputation has decreased by 10%.

QS World Ranking 2024: New Methodology

Moreover, the only Irish university to find itself in a lower place in the 2024 edition than in the 2023 edition is the University of Galway. Also, it had a greater performance faculty-student ratio based on the data we’ve been able to obtain.

Institutions with consistently high faculty-to-student ratios, such as those in Central Asia, Korea, and Japan. These have struggled the most to maintain positions that are comparable to the prior strategy. The 75% of African institutions performed better, with nine new entrants coming from the continent. Also, this is another important finding from the 2024 Rankings.

The University of Oxford moves up one spot to number three while the University of Cambridge stays in second place as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology marks 12 years at the top.

Moreover, as per the commitment to fostering long-lasting impact and supporting transformative changes in the global education sector.

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