Study Abroad: Top 5 Countries Which Students Prefer Post COVID for Study

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Study Abroad: Top 5 Countries Which Students Prefer After COVID For Study
After COVID, there are many countries where international students are preferring to go study abroad. Students are now preferring international education.

Over the recent years, the number of Indian students willing to study abroad has increased. There are already traditional countries where students prefer to study to pursue their higher education. These countries include the UK, the US, Canada and Australia


All these destinations offer unique academic opportunities, various types of programs, cultural experiences and sometimes even financial support. This makes them extremely attractive places for students to go. 

Study Abroad: Top 5 Countries Which Students Prefer After COVID For Study

Here are some of the countries which have become popular destinations after COVID for students to pursue their higher education.


This country has become one of the most sought-after destinations to pursue higher education. Ireland offers its students a balance between quality education and a lively lifestyle. Ireland has strong connections with leading multinational companies. This acts as a positive impact on students to get an excellent internship and job opportunities.

Malaysia and Singapore

This place is quite popular among South Indians. In Asian countries, both these countries have started to gain popularity among Indian students.

However, Singapore is known for its importance in research and innovation. This makes it an ideal country for students to pursue their higher education. The country offers several courses, which include technology, science and business-related fields.

Germany and France

These two countries offer their students a world-class education that too at an affordable cost. Germany has world-class universities offering a wide impeccable range of courses. These include engineering, science, technology and management. 

France has top-ranked business schools. Germany and France offer affordable education. This makes them an excellent choice for Indians to go abroad to pursue their higher education. 

With time, Indian students are preferring to have international education opportunities. These emerging study-abroad destinations provide students with attractive places to study. Countries like France, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia and Ireland.

These are some of the countries which offer students affordable tuition fees, excellent career prospects, diverse cultures, quality education and several other benefits.  

With time, these study-abroad destinations are becoming popular for all Indian students to go abroad and study. 

If you are planning to study abroad, these countries might be the best option for you. 

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