Study Abroad: USA Launches One-Year Master’s Program for Indian STEM Students

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Study Abroad: USA Launches One-Year Master's Program for Indian STEM Students

In a groundbreaking development, aspiring Indian students seeking a master’s degree in the United States can now choose an accelerated 1-year professional master’s program offered by American universities. This initiative is in harmony with India’s new education policy (NEP). Also, it is being led by the US State Department.


Unlike the traditional two-year timeline of master’s programs in the US, this newly introduced program promises an intensive and focused curriculum. It is curated to align with the dynamic and evolving landscape of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

In the upcoming fall semester of 2024, the program is to reshape the academic trajectory of Indian students aspiring for STEM fields. Moreover, it is a way for Indian scholars to spend a portion of their master’s education within the US academic environment.

Akhilesh Lakhtakia, an esteemed Jefferson Science Fellow at the US State Department’s South and Central Asia (SCA) bureau has played a crucial role in crafting this visionary program. 

Study Abroad: USA Launches One-Year Master's Program for Indian STEM Students

What’s New About the STEM Program? 

  1. Lakhtakia outlined a collaborative framework wherein an American university could propose an advanced course in wireless technologies to their Indian academic counterparts. 
  2. Graduates of the one-year professional master’s program will have the unique privilege to remain in the US for an additional 3 years. This will allow them to gain valuable hands-on experience in their respective fields. 
  3. Indian universities could extend this opportunity to their third-year electrical engineering undergraduates as well.
  4. Subsequently, both institutions can join and come up with an application process. And lastly, select the most promising candidates for the program.

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