Study Abroad in Australia: Australian PM States “Education opens the doors of opportunity”

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Indian students have the integrity to build a great future towards a better Australian economy says the Australian PM at IIT Delhi.

Australian PM, Anthony Albanese visited the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) on 10th March 2023. He addressed students, faculty, and staff members saying “education opens the doors of opportunity”. “It is such a privilege to be here at what is not only one of India’s most esteemed centres of higher learning but also a location of international repute, and one that is publicly run and funded,” Albanese added while addressing the audience at IIT Delhi. The future of both countries will depend on the opportunistic partnership.


Australian PM Addressing The Intellectuals

More than 20 Australian business executives from significant organizations were present. They include representatives from the transportation, resources, finance, education, energy, architecture, and design, as well as the health, commodities, and information technology sectors.

The event focussed on fruitful discussions these intellects had with Indian counterparts as part of the Australia-India CEO Forum. This uncovered opportunities for deeper cooperation. The complete Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement is in negotiation. This will increase access even more according to Albanese.

He also announced the appointment of Tim Thomas as the inaugural CEO of the Australia-India Relations Centre. This Centre will look into the various communities that can enhance the relations between the two countries. The communities will range from Governments to Academia to intellects in various industries.

Albanese also hoped to see an increase in the number of Australian and Indian students living and studying cross-country. Furthermore, he wishes students to bring those experiences back home as a part of the international relations between the two nations.

Reason for Considering Indian Youth

The Australian PM also emphasized India’s unique position to provide leadership in the Global South while mitigating climate change. This stems from the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to install 500 GWs of renewable energy capacity by 2030. The Australian PM realized that the Indian youth are driving the huge energy shift in India. This youth can thus potentially change the economy of Australia.

The changing environment has tightened policies in both countries. “In the Global South, India is in a unique position to exercise leadership,” remarks the PM of Australia. India is playing a pivotal role in bringing sustainable solutions to the global energy crisis. With its location, Australia will develop into a superpower in renewable energy. India will be, therefore there are fantastic chances for cooperation and teamwork, according to Albanese.

Australian PM

It is thus a great opportunity for Indian international students to buckle up with quality international education. The global brain exchange opportunity has the power to change the global dynamics in the approaching future.

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