Study Abroad: Indian Students Choose USA for Higher Education || Why?

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Study Abroad: Indian Students Choose USA for Higher Education || Why?

Foreign students consider the USA the most sought-after study-abroad destination including Indians who find various opportunities for learning and quality education. During the academic year of 2022-23, an open-door report highlighted a 12% rise in the population of international students in the USA. Let’s explore the reasons to choose USA for higher education by the Indian students:

Study Abroad: Indian Students Choose USA for Higher Education || Why?

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  • Quality Education and Courses: Indians can choose and enroll in undergraduate programs or Ph.D. programs from over 5000 world-class institutions. In the past couple of years, US institutions saw an increase in the enrollment of Student and Exchange Visitor Program-certified associate courses and degrees in different fields. Most popular US courses include data science, cybersecurity, computer science, and IT specializations, etc.
  • Career Opportunities: The US offers lucrative career opportunities to about 32% of Indian students making it the most demanding study abroad destination. Many US universities allow their students to work in one or more internships, thereby increasing their networking, which will help them get great career opportunities in the future.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships: Many of the top US universities offer scholarship programs to their students which help them to enroll in their dream universities for higher studies. Students also have the option to access multiple platforms to take loans from higher education.

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In the upcoming years, it is expected that the rate of Indian students enrolling in US universities will increase in the year 2024. Flexibility to explore courses, exciting job opportunities, and student-friendly visa policies in the US will attract more and more Indian students.

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