Study in UK: India Young Professionals Scheme 2023 Applications Closing Soon. Apply Now!

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India Young Professionals Scheme under Ballot System
Latest updates for India Young Professionals Visa Scheme for UK. Study abroad seekers are to apply before 27 July 2023. 

Indian students can now apply for Indian Young Professionals Scheme Visa. After completing the first ballot, the second ballot will open at 1.30 pm IST on 25 July and closes at 1:30 pm IST on 27 July. The link will be available for the applicants on GOV.UK official website. 


Successful applicants are picked randomly. Results will be soon announced by email within 2 weeks of the ballot closing timeline. Students planning for a UK visa application need to pay £259 ie, INR 27,183 only for the visa application process.  

Around, 600 out of 3000 spots are currently available for India Young Professionals Scheme visa in 2023. However, the application fee for the ballot is free of cost. Also, it’s a one-time opportunity for international students planning to study abroad

Additionally, if your ballot application is accepted, you will have 90 days in hand to enter the United Kingdom. The UK Visa will be valid for up to 2 years. 

Eligibility to Apply for India Young Professionals Scheme

If you want to apply for a visa under the India Young Professionals Scheme, you must:

  • be between the ages of 18 and 30; and at least 18 years old on the date you wish to go to the UK.
  • possess a degree of at least a bachelor’s (Regulated Qualifications Framework levels 6, 7, or 8).
  • have $2,530 in savings to cover your living expenses in the UK.
  • not have any children living with you or for whom you are financially responsible under the age of 18
  • before you can apply for your visa, you must first apply for the India Young Professionals Scheme and be accepted into the ballot.

How to Enter for India Young Professionals Scheme?

Indian students can enter the ballot typically in January and July each year. Whatsoever, only one ballot entry will be submitted per person. Any duplicate applications will be rejected. 

The ballot will be open for 48 hours and all mail received during those hours will be entered into the ballot. An automated reply will be generated to confirm your entry. 

Moreover, one must prepare the email in English. The subject line of the email must include name, date of birth and passport number. 

Study in UK: India Young Professionals Scheme under Ballot System; Deadline Awaits

Additionally, we advise students to check the eligibility requirements they need to fulfil before applying for the scheme under the ballot system.

Read more about the India Young Professionals Scheme here and the entire process for the application. For more such exciting news updates, make sure you contact Leverage Edu to start your study abroad Journey.

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