Study Abroad: 3 Greatest PSWV Myths That Need to be Busted in 2024

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Study Abroad: 3 Greatest PSWV Myths That Need to be Busted in 2024

Post Study Work Visa or PSW Visa is one of the key attractions that students look forward to while planning to study abroad. However, some great myths about this visa are widespread among students and guardians.


Another problematic thing in this situation is that these myths can be exploited by agents to sell false dreams to the students. Therefore it is important to discuss these and debunk them one by one by comparing how much truth goes in their recipe. 

Post Study Work Visa is the Key to Permanent Residency 

A lot of students believe that it is all about getting a post study work visa and then the route to permanent residency will be clear. While it is true that post study work visa is a simpler intermediary step that can help you in the process, it is never guaranteed that you will get to stay in the UK after the visa duration is over. 

PSW visa does not naturally transform into a skilled worker visa. If you get a permanent job offer and visa sponsorship, only then you can get a skilled worker visa. Recently, some countries have also let go of extensions of their post study work visas. Thus, you will have to go through a series of visas and permits to finally get a permanent residency. 

PSW Visa is Exclusively for STEM Graduates

Another major red flag that you should not fall for. Post-study work visa is offered to all graduates irrespective of their fields. The duration of your post study work visa will depend on the duration of your course. 

As for the STEM field, countries like USA offer longer post study work visas for STEM courses than normal courses. This is because they need to retain their task force in this field. For instance, post study visa after a master’s in USA is for 1 year but if your master’s is in a STEM course, the duration will be around 3 years. 

Only Full Timers Can Avail the PSW Visa

Surprised? Yes, this is a myth. You can also avail of the post study work visa as a part time student. However, this is only true under certain circumstances that the students need to fulfil. These conditions might include specific hours of study, certain qualifications or credits. 

These were the three greatest myths about post study work visas. If you have any doubts about the post study work visa policy in different countries feel free to drop a comment. If you want to read more such information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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