Study Abroad: International Student Program Expands with Focus on ESL, New Panamanian Partnership

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New agreement from Global University Systems for educating more than 85,000 students worldwide. International student program expands on ESL. 

Nigeria College and Global University Systems made an agreement together on 12 April 2023. This will create a world of opportunity for overseas students. The new agreement has been approved by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. Also, this has been done under provincial policy that creates flexibility for public colleges to partner with private colleges to expand delivery of  programs. 

Furthermore, the main goal of this program is to train as many as 10,000 panamanian teachers with the latest teaching methods and training for classroom success. This will encourage and engage participants to have opportunities to expand their knowledge, language skills. Moreover, approximately 45 Panamanian students have or will soon begin their studies. This will be at Rowan with an Intense English as a second language course. Additionally, upon successful completion of ESL studies roughly, 15 of the students will begin undergraduate degree programs. 

Study Abroad: International Student Program Expands with Focus on ESL, New Panamanian Partnership

Also, for the first intake, initial programs that are already open for spring 2021 are: 

  • Graduate certificate for International Business Management
  • Business General
  • Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Additionally, this new partnership will open up opportunities for Nigerian students. Also to study abroad co-op placements, exchanges and international field studies within the GUS network. Moreover, this new partnership is an important part of a broad strategy to create new global opportunities and support long term enrollment stability and growth. 

In addition to this, as mentioned by Sean Kennedy (Niagara College President) the agreement is also driven by entrepreneurial spirit. As they work together to identify global partnership opportunities that support core operations in Niagara. 

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