Study Abroad in Canada: International Students Can Apply for Canadian Study Permits Without Paying Any Tuition 

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Study abroad in Canada
During an important ruling, the Federal Court stated that as long as Indian and other international students prove their capability of paying the tuition and other expenses, they will be able to apply for a study permit without facing any penalisation

Now international students don’t need to pay the whole amount of tuition fees to become eligible for receiving a study permit application in Canada. The Federal court stated that the student doesn’t need to go through any penalization upon unpaid tuition fees as long as they prove their capability and financial stability.


The primary purpose of the ruling is to address the student case of Iranians where the Canadian study permits of an Iranian student were rejected. The ruling will remove a crucial barrier for international students who have plans to complete their higher education in Canada and might not be able to pay the whole amount of tuition fees to receive their Canadian study permits. 

This move will help all international students, especially Indian students who have plans to study abroad in Canada

As per reports, Canada broke another record related to immigration in 2022, when the government admitted more than 550,000 international students. The IRC released data that stated the number of Indian students is all-time high, with more than 225,650 students being admitted to different Canadian universities. 

How Canadian Study Permits Can Benefit International Students?

After 31st December 2022, more than 800,000 international students possess Canadian study permits to complete their higher education. Again, Indian topped this list. 

Canada was always one of the best study-abroad destinations for international students. The IDP stated that international students from 94 different countries consider choosing Canada as their destination, whereas 27% of students consider none other than Canada for their higher studies

Apart from the effective, less time-consuming, and soothing immigration process, the high employability rate, student beneficial policies, and great atmosphere are some of the most common factors that make Canada the best location for students who want higher quality education to boost their academic career. 

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