Study Abroad: University of York Will Now Accept International Students With Lower Tariffs

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Study Abroad: University of York Will Now Accept International Students With Lower Tariffs

In a recent approach, the authorities at University of York have ordered their admission staff to undertake a ‘more flexible approach’ for international students. They were directly ordered by the university to also consider applications from students with lower tariff scores.


Moreover, this change applies to all departments and programmes of this Russel Group University. The University of York has extended this relaxation exclusively for overseas students which will prove to be a two-way benefit. 

Until now, the University of York maintained its high-end requirements for A grades at A levels. It will now accept B or C grades as well at A-level. As for admission to postgraduate courses, a 2:2 award is accepted. 

However, the relaxation is only applicable to tariff scores and not the grades required for admission. This is rather a way to give another chance for students who are offer holders but miss their grades. 

How is This Beneficial for the Students?

Students who are offer holders but go through various circumstances leading to compromised grades can benefit from this. Moreover, all the students who will be joining with lower grades will also be given extra support in subjects like Mathematics. Therefore, it gives students a second chance at their dreams of studying at a Russel Group university. 

Apart from that, institutions such as Coventry University have been in constant support of easing ways for international students in UK. The Russel Group of universities also constantly stand in support of international students. They have been building accommodations, working on entry requirements and providing constant support to the international students. 

After the new visa rules for dependents in UK have been implemented the universities are predicting a decline in admissions. As an effort to keep up with the international students they are taking such measures. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates.  

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