Study Abroad: Immigrating To Canada Under The Express Entry System Is Set To Change

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Express entry
Express entry
Canada immigration under the Express Entry System is set to change as per Bill C19. Read in detail to know more.

Following the passage of Bill C19, several changes will be made to Canada’s Express Entry system. Alterations in the Comprehensive Ranking System will help evaluate and rank individuals in the pool, as a result of these new amendments.


Under this new system, the Groupings will be formed based on economic goals, factors such as employment and academic experience, or fluency in English or French. Immigration Minister established candidate invites based on “groupings. The bill addresses Canada’s labour market and demographic needs.

Express entry

Changes to Express Entry

Below mentioned are the changes as a result of Bill C-19:

1. The selection is based on new Groups and categories 

The new bill will include ministerial order to introduce more filters. This will oppose immigration class to the fast-entry pool-based groups and categories. It will act as the starting point for the invitation rounds.

2. Invitation to Apply for PR with categories of Eligibility 

New categories with eligibility criteria expected for the purpose of ranking. The invitation should state which categories the applicant must apply to if they are eligible for more than one category.

3. Each category should have specific economic objectives.

The Minister is yet to explain in the instruction which economic purpose the newly created category would assist. The new bill expects this.

4. Aged Applicants who lose the chance of getting PR, now they can get

Express Entry now invites candidates who earlier lost eligibility. Changes in the draw system allow them again for entrance into express entry draws.

If an applicant has reached a minimal score and also received an invitation but has aged and lost points on qualification but has kept that score, they will now be granted for PR visa.

5. Minister report to include categories for foreign nationals 

According to the amendment, the Minister’s annual report to Parliament must include instructions for establishing any category for foreign nationals in Express Entry. These instructions should specify the economic goal and the number of invitations issued under this category.

Express Entry includes categories such as the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and a component of the Provincial Nominee Program, which will undergo changes in 2023 as a result of Bill C-19.

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