Study Abroad: Most Ranked Universities Listed in South Africa

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Study Abroad: Most Ranked Universities Listed in South Africa
List Revealed for 14 Public & Private Universities in Egypt. Also, Egypt had the most public and private universities listed in the most recent ranking. 

Egypt kept up its pace in terms of employability results and metrics related to its worldwide reputation, which should be combined with coordinated efforts to develop high-impact research.


After five institutions in South Africa, Cairo University and the American University in Cairo were placed sixth and seventh, respectively, in Africa. Also, the only Arabic-speaking country in Africa to make the top 500 list was Egypt.

Ain Shams University, a third Egyptian college, rose from its place last year (801-1,000) to finish ninth in Africa and in the 721-730 tier overall, placing it in the top 10 institutions on the continent. Also, Alexandria University, which was ranked 901–950 this year, was among the top 1,000.

Universities Rated in the 1001–1200 Range

Also, check out the universities are rated in the 1001-1200 range:

  • Assiut University
  • Future University in Egypt
  • Mansoura University
  • Arab Academy for Science & Technology 
  • Maritime Transport (the latter ranking for the first time) 
Study Abroad: Most Ranked Universities Listed in South Africa

Universities Rated in the 1201 – 1400 Range

Also, check out universities rated in the 1201-1400 range:

  • Al-Azhar University
  • British University in Egypt
  • German University in Cairo
  • Helwan University
  • Suez Canal University
  • Tanta University
  • Zagazig University 

Further, Sudan had two ranked universities in other Arabic-speaking regions of Africa: Sudan University of Science and Technology (1401+) and the University of Khartoum (1201–1400).

Ranking of four institutions in Tunisia 

Also, check out the ranking of the 4 institutions in Tunisia:

  • Université de Tunis El Manar coming in at 951–1,000
  • Université de Sousse
  • Université de Sfax was in the 1,001–1,200 range
  • Université de Tunis was in the 1,201–1,400 range.

Moreover, Université Mohammed V de Rabat in Morocco was the only ranking institution (1,201-1400, up from 1,401+).

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