Study Abroad in Canada: International Students To be Hosted For Their Housing Requirements

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International Students To be Hosted For Their Housing Requirements
International Students To be Hosted For Their Housing Requirements
Housing issues are getting solved in Canada’s School District 72 with the search for host families to host the international students in Campbell River School District.

International Student Program is starting in September when there will be fresh requirements to house international students. In British Columbia, School District 72 is aiming to get more host families for these international students. This initiative is a fresh attempt to release the housing tensions of the students. Additionally, the program manager Mercedes Hayduk knows the pains of international students very closely. This is because he has been a host family for several international students since 2005.


Cultures that Engage in School District

The prime culture and value that holds the international students inside the host families is empathy. Despite these students hailing from across the globe, a huge deal of understanding is seen either way. These values help build a better global community inside the School District. As a result, since 2005, the students have been gaining a lot of multicultural training that is very encouraging for their growth as global students. Hayduk accepts that this program helps build these relationships between the host families and the students.

There are several countries that are a regular part of the International Student Program.

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Taiwan

Thus, international students find the Canadian culture to be very accepting and inclusive. It promotes their student health and allows them more freedom than in their parent countries.

Canadian Education System For International Students

Canada is known for its great quality of education. However, this is not just because of the academic value, claims Hayduk. International students get trained to think critically and thus become great analysts in a natural manner. It becomes their skill to think critically and analytically.

International Students To be Hosted For Their Housing Requirements

Moreover, the system allows for great electives that allow the students to have a greater dimension of knowledge. This is the peripheral knowledge required in their quest to upskill themselves according to their original choice of subjects.

Thus, international students in Canada can now have better housing abilities that allow them to have lower accommodation and transportation costs. Also, a loving host will always allow the students to prosper due to great understanding, freedom, and empathy.

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