Study Abroad: Golden Visas Unlock Opportunities for Students to Pursue Dream Careers

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Study Abroad: Golden Visas Unlock Opportunities for Students to Pursue Dream Careers
Golden Visas offer a chance for international students to pursue their study abroad dream. An investment must be made by the applicant.

Golden Visas offer Permanent Residency to international students after the completion of their education. Any significant investment made by the student will get the validation of a Golden Visa. The visa can be renewed after every two years. 


For students who are brilliant in their studies and work hard, it’s an excellent opportunity for them. To obtain the Golden Visa, requirements must be fulfilled by the student visa applicant. 

Furthermore, the visa can be obtained by the Student Visa holders after completion of their higher education in a foreign country. Applicants need to make a significant investment such as purchasing a house, making a donation and buying assets. 

The investment can be made in a company’s shares, stocks, government bonds or in a country’s scientific or technological innovation. However, by investing in a respective embassy, parents can also help their children to build a career abroad. 

Requirements for a Golden Visa

After making a compelling investment decision one can obtain the Permanent Residency of the country. Moreover, an applicant must live in a specific country for a few years beforehand. 

The investment made by the applicant must be valuable. The cost of real estate investment can vary from 200,000 USD (INR 1,63,79,700) to 2 Million. It is the most common and shortest way to obtain a Golden Visa. 

Additionally, the investment made must be owned by the applicant. The investment has to be maintained by the applicant for a required time period. The investment made by you should be legal and you must be able to prove it if required. 

Moreover, the applicant must not have any criminal background and own enough financial resources. Also, there might be some specific requirements depending on the golden visa you wish to own for the country. 

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