Study Abroad in UK: UEA Starts Multiple Scholarships for International PG Students

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UEA Starts Multiple Scholarships for International PG Students
UEA Starts Multiple Scholarships for International PG Students
The University of East Anglia (UEA) announces multiple scholarships for international PG students in Literature, Management, Economics, and more enrolled for session 2023-24.

The academic year 2023-24 is a highly developmental year. Every country is making its educational services available to more international students. While some countries are solving housing issues and providing great work opportunities, some are developing schemes to better international education. The University of East Anglia matches its steps to all such developments bringing forth great scholarship schemes for international students. Indian students applying to UEA are among the targeted candidates for these scholarships.


Five New UEA Scholarship Schemes 

The five scholarships now available to Indian international students are given below. However, international students can get more details by checking the official website of the University of East Anglia.

  • Sonny Mehta India Scholarship: Available to creative writers who are eager to study PG courses in Literature, Drama, or Creative Writing. The scholarship amount is Euros 28,500.
  • MSc Academic and Professional Scholarships (International): Offered by the School of Economics for economic professionals enrolling in PG courses. This is a full fees waiver competitive scholarship. Additionally, this scholarship relieves MSc candidates of half the international fees.
  • David Sainsbury Full MSc Scholarship: International students in MSc Global Plant Health Course can apply for this scholarship. This is a full fee waiver scholarship with additional Euros 4,000 for travel allowance. Furthermore, there is a maintenance grant for the candidates.
    • NBS Masters’ (MSc) Better Business Scholarship: This scheme is by the Norwich Business School for Full-time MSc students. This scheme has a number of different scholarships amounting to a total of Euros 1,50,000. There are a) only 1 full fee waiver scholarship, b) a maximum of 5 Euros 10,000 scholarships, and c) 10 Euros 8,000 scholarships.
    • School of International Development Scholarship: This is a 100% fee waiver scholarship available to only 5 Indian students. Additionally, financial support equaling the full international fees will be provided to these students.
    UEA Starts Multiple Scholarships for International PG Students

    Scholarships For Indian PG Students

    The University of East Anglia has announced these five new scholarship schemes for international students from India. This is mainly because international students from India in the UK are the maximum in population. Universities are thus targeting more meritorious students from India. Not only the boost to the UK economy but also every University is focusing on global brain circulation. Thus, these five scholarships will benefit more students into studying at the University at a lower cost availing quality education.

    Thus, Indian students should gear up to study at lower costs in select abroad universities like the UEA. The efforts of the international education departments are expected to get stronger to attract more Indian students. Thus, with reduced stress of finances, many meritorious students from the lower economic classes can now attempt a better future.

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