Study in Taiwan: Taiwan Plans To Invite 4 Lakh Foreign Workers To Counter Labour Shortages

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Study in Taiwan: Taiwan Plans To Invite 4 Lakh Foreign Workers To Counter Labour Shortages
As an extension of the Ukraine-Russia war, Taiwan faces severe labour shortages along with a prediction of decreasing population; 4,00,000 foreign workers would be invited to counter the shift.

Taiwan’s fertility rate has been noticed to go down which is impacting the population of the country. Along with the same, there is an increase in the ageing population. Thus, to counter the effects of the population demographics rapidly declining, the country has decided to invite 4,00,000 foreign workers.


The Anticipated Threat to Taiwan

Taiwan is struggling to get its economy on track as the country is facing severe labour shortages. The main reason for the declining labour population is the increase in the aged population. Adding to the same, the country is forecasting a reduced fertility rate. The South China Morning Post reports that the country might fall to the global lowest fertility rate by 2035. However, the country also hopes for a turnaround near 2045 but that would be possible only with the help of foreign workers joining the workforce of the country.

A remedy to the Situation: Attracting Foreign Workers

The country has planned to reverse the graph by inviting a target number of 4,00,000 foreign workers. The target is to be reached by 2030. This would also allow the country to compete with other countries in the periphery like Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. The country plans to recruit some special professionals, numbering 20,000, in high-tech roles so that the basic sustenance of the country is saved.

Scope for International Students

The foreign enrolment of the country is also planned to increase by 2,00,000 by inviting international students to the country. This would allow them to improve the student population, also the youth population, with the expectation that they would sustain the workforce in the country. These will be international students looking for degrees. The country already had a record number of 130,000 international students in 2019 with roughly 63,000 students enrolled in degree courses. The Government strategy “The New Southbound Talent Development Program” is the main proponent of the growth that has been achieved so far.

Thus, the international students who are targeting to learn and apply technology abroad, Taiwan can be a great place to look forward to. This is because the country is also opening post-study work opportunities for these international students to strengthen its own economy.

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