Study Abroad: Why Currently New Zealand Is A Hotspot For Indian Students?

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Study Abroad: Why Currently New Zealand Is A Hotspot For Indian Students?
New Zealand has recently become a country where maximum students are flocking to study. This country is also one of the safest country.

Every year, thousands of students move abroad to pursue their higher education and for various opportunities. Several trends show that aspirants are broadening their choices while looking for options to study abroad.


A recent country which is popular among students is New Zealand. It is the preferred destination for Indians who want to pursue their higher education. 

According to Indian government data, almost 1,600 Indian students visited New Zealand to pursue their higher education. Whereas, data by Education New Zealand, states that the country approved around 1,677 student visa applications from India between last December and February in 2023.

New Zealand has eight universities which are ranked in the top 3 per cent of the world. This data has come out from the QS World University Rankings

One such is, the University of Auckland which is the highest-ranked global university. It ranks at #87. Whereas, universities like Canterbury, Lincoln, Otago and Waikato are some of the universities in New Zealand. 

All the above-mentioned universities provide their students with hundreds of courses in several fields. These courses include MBA, artificial intelligence, hotel management and engineering. 

One of the main reasons why a student studies in New Zealand is due to affordability. It is seen that the New Zealand Dollar is comparatively cheap as compared to other foreign countries. 

Study Abroad: Why Currently New Zealand Is A Hotspot For Indian Students?

Reasons Why New Zealand Is The Hotspot

Here are some of the reasons why New Zealand is a hotspot for Indian students.

Scholarships, Employment and Post-Study Work Visa

Indian Students who go abroad gain a lot from the scholarships and funding opportunities which are provided by the government, universities and private entities. It was recently in the news that the New Zealand government gave NZ$400,000 to support initiatives. 

This initiative included the New Zealand Excellence Awards, which will allow Indian students to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate study. The study is in fields such as fashion, business and STEM.

Upon graduation, the student will be able to apply for a post-study work visa. The length of this visa will depend on the qualification of the student. 

Ease of Living 

New Zealand is a very welcoming country with a welcoming and multicultural environment. The country is full of Indians who have significantly contributed to the economy over several years. 

Apart from this, New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world. The country ranks #2 in the Global Peace Index. 

To conclude, New Zealand is considered to be some of the most international student-friendly in the world. 

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