Study Abroad: Canada Introduces Visa Caps for International Students to Boost Education Competition

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Students willing to study in Canada may face a higher level of competition than they do currently. The Canadian government’s aim is to resolve the ongoing housing crisis in the country and it is considering capping international student visas. As per data, more than 800,000 overseas students had valid visas as of 2022. 


Canada is on the verge of receiving 900,000 foreign students this year. It is one of the easiest countries to obtain a student visa or work permit

Study Abroad: Canada Introduces Visa Caps for International Students to Boost Education Competition

Moreover, the Canadian government claims a sharp rise in international students is putting pressure on some housing markets in Canada. As per the new housing minister Sean Fraser, a cap on student visas is an option the government is considering. However, there are targets to check if they are having any impact ongoing housing crisis.  

According to Immigration Minister Marc Miller, the rise in the number of students is not just a concern about the housing crisis but also Canada’s trust in the integrity of immigration itself.

Canada is to Welcome 1.5 Million Immigrants By 2025

The government is concerned about how to provide housing to international students by 2025. 

In Canada, the average home costs about C$750,000 ($550,000; £435,000) as of August. In comparison to 2000, when the average was C$163,000, this is a 360% increase. Canada’s National Housing Organisation estimates that in order to address the issue, 5.8 million new homes, including two million rental units, must be built by 2030.

The recent remarks linking the housing situation and international students are highly disturbing to institutions in Canada and our members, according to a statement from Universities in Canada. The organisation speaks for dozens of institutions throughout the nation.

In a separate official statement, Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) expressed its “trouble” about recent remarks made by federal authorities about a potential enrolment cap for overseas students.

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