Study Abroad: EB-5 Visa Emerging as a Better Alternative for the US

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A rise in EB-5 Visa applications has been noticed. A possible alternative for H-1B Visa after the revision in the US immigration legislation

The EB-5 program is emerging as a better revenue alternative to H-1B Visa. The growing number of applications is causing uncertainty for H-1B visa aspirants. The H-1B was popular even after the economic crisis after the pandemic. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services recently announced the cap for H-1B visas for 2023 has been reached. 


Many drawbacks have been found in the H-1B visa selection process. The process randomly picks the aspirant for the H-1B. The EB-5 program gained popularity in India because of the uncertainty of the H-1B applicants. 

Study Abroad: EB-5 Visa Emerging as a Better Alternative for US

The drawbacks of the H-1B are not new. The EB-5 is the better way to have a secure future in the United States. 

Why EB-5 is a Better Alternative?

The EB-5 has several benefits to offer to its aspirants such as the ability to have PR without relying on employer sponsorship. Also, the aspirant has to make a minimum investment of INR 6.5 Crore for the EB-5 job program for US workers. 

In exchange for the EB-5 investment, the spouse and unmarried children (under 21 years) of the aspirants, US grants a green card. Moreover, this will allow the family of the aspirants to work, study and reside in the USA. So, the family will be eligible for US Citizenship after having a green card for 5 years. 

The new law also allows the EB-5 investors residing in the US to file for Adjustment of Status and Employment Authorization. So, this is attractive for H-1B Visa aspirants who are currently dependent on their employers to live and work in the US. 

Choosing EB-5 Visa will be a lot quicker path to PR and Citizenship as compared to other US visa programs. 

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