Student Visa Time Limit: How Long Does a Student Visa Last?

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A student visa time limit is an important factor in determining your overseas education migratory period. Students planning to study abroad need to have a clear understanding of how long a student visa lasts at the time of completing the visa application process. The duration of a student visa is affected by numerous factors like course duration, immigration law, documentation, and many other factors, later to be categorized under a short-term student visa or long-term student visa. This blog will focus on answering how long a student visa lasts with some helpful information about student visas to help you in the process.


What is a Student Visa?

A student visa is a document that allows you to enter a foreign country for studies and pursue your studies in the country as a registered student. It is as crucial while applying for a university abroad as a language proficiency test score or university application. It is a legal document that gives you permission to enter and stay in the country for a specific period.

Each nation has its specifications regarding a student visa time limit. Therefore, you should be aware that the duration of your student visa depends on the country you are studying in and the type, of course, you are enrolled in. 

How Long Does a Student Visa Last?

The duration of a student visa varies depending on the country you are studying in. In most cases, a student visa lasts for the duration of your course. For instance, if you are enrolled in a three-year degree program, your student visa time limit will range up to three years. It also has a bit of reserve validity of a few months when a student can stay in the country after the study program ends.

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Countrywise Student Visa Time Limit

Every country has different rules and guidelines regarding the duration of a student visa. The following are the details about several countries:

Student Visa for the USA

Here are some essential details about the USA Student Visa time limit.

  • A USA student visa can last for up to five years for undergraduate courses and up to two years for graduate courses. 
  • F1 visas are allowed a 60-day (almost 2 months) stay period after your study program is over.
  • In case you need a visa extension as you found work, you can apply for I-539 with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
  • The fee for visa extension is $370 and an additional $85 for biometrics.

Student Visa for Canada

Details of a Canadian student visa are mentioned below.

  • A Canada student visa can last for the duration of your course.
  • It also allows an additional 90 days stay after the completion of your course.
  • You can also apply for an extension at IRCC Canada in case you need to.

Student Visa for the UK

Here are the details on student visa time limit for United Kingdom.

  • A UK student visa can last for six months under the short-term student visa category.
  • Students can apply for a Tier 4 General student visa.
  • For a degree level program the maximum duration of student visa is 5 years. The actual duration will depend on the duration of the study program.
  • The duration can be extended by a maximum of 11 months in case the student is unable to complete their credits within the given time frame.
  • Also, for education above degree level, there is no time limit on a student visa in the UK. This includes qualifications like Doctorates.

Factors Affecting Student Visa Duration

It is important to note that the duration of your student visa may also depend on other factors such as your financial situation, your academic progress, and your compliance with the rules and regulations of the country you are studying in. Here are some factors mentioned;

  1. Degree level
  2. Course duration
  3. Financial condition
  4. Course credits
  5. Immigration laws
  6. Documentation

What Happens When Your Student Visa Expires?

Students should keep timely compliance with their visa duration while studying abroad. When your student visa expires, you will need to leave the country or apply for a visa renewal process. If you do not leave the country or apply for an extension, you may be considered an illegal immigrant and may face deportation.

To avoid this situation, it is important to keep track of the visa expiration date of your student visa and apply for an extension if necessary. You should also make sure that you comply with all the rules and regulations of the country you are studying in to avoid any legal issues.

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How to Apply for a Student Visa?

Once you know the importance of applying early for a student visa for your desired study abroad destination, you must begin to apply for a student visa in the following order:

  • First and foremost, make sure you hold the offer letter from the applied university as proof of reason to visit the country.
  • Then, complete the online visa application process as per the instructions of the concerned embassy. 
  • Lastly, complete the process by submitting the required documents and visa application fee.

Student Visa Application Documents 

The supporting documents you will need to submit while applying for a student visa may include: 

University enrollment proofProof of financial support
Valid passportMedical certificate

However, it is important to note that you may also need to provide additional documents depending on the requirements of the country you are studying in.


What is the time limit of a student visa?

A student visa time limit varies depending on the tenure of the applied course. On average, a study visa permits a stay from a minimum of six months to 10 years at maximum. 

Can I apply again for a student visa?

Yes, if your student visa application form has been rejected once, you can prefer to re-apply for the student visa a second time. 

How many times can a student apply for a study visa? 

There is no restriction on the number of times a student can apply for a student visa. Hence, you may apply for a visa renewal or re-apply for a second student visa as long as you are enrolled at a foreign university.

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