Study Abroad: Student Recruitment is the most Focused topic on the Internationalisation Agenda for World-Class Universities

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Study Abroad: Student Recruitment is the most Focused topic on the Internationalisation Agenda for World-Class Universities
International education leaders from different parts of the world stated that they are prioritizing the student recruitment process.

A new survey has been conducted for more than 100 education leaders in different countries such as Canada, Australia, and the UK. The survey stated that internationalisation is primarily focused on the student recruitment process, which is also considered a top priority. 


The Nous Group and Navutas management consultancy conducted this survey jointly. Famous international leaders such as Deputy Vice Chancellor, Vice President, pro-vice-chancellor, and Directors have also responded to this survey. 

The study concluded that most countries consider the student recruitment process as a high-priority task as per overall internationalisation, with more than 96% of countries rating recruitment as extremely important. 

Student Recruitment

Matt Durnin, the Principal of Nous, said that internationalisation is one of the best important strategies that have become more complicated in recent years. However, modern internationalisation contains partnerships and affiliations, offshore brand campuses, and transactional education. University leaders still consider international student recruitment as a crucial area of focus. 

How can agents play an important role in the student recruitment process?

The reports also stated that the importance of traditional agents has increased a lot during the time of the coronavirus pandemic to compensate for the travel restrictions. Agents will always play a crucial role in managing the strategic relationship for numerous universities in the world to boost enrolment as well as the fluency of the student recruitment process. 

However, the results from the survey also indicated that planned spending on the institutions as per the communions of the agents will stabilize. Thanks to the growth of overall assurance frameworks, the training as well as the role of the agents would also increase. 

More than 97% of the universities stated that they will start expecting a formal sector that will be entering a specific period of great competition. As the countries are focusing more on the proper student recruitment processes, students will be able to leverage the benefits of higher education

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