Study Abroad: Thailand has Proposed Joint Visa Program for Southeast Asian Countries

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In order to revitalize tourism and attract high-spending visitors Thailand has proposed a Joint Visa Program for Southeast Asian Countries. This program if implemented will ease the travel restrictions significantly between participating nations. 


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Benefits of this Joint Visa Program

Check below the list of benefits for this joint visa program:

  • This program will specifically target lang haul travelers, known for spending more on their vacations. The validity of the visa will also increase from 30 to 90 days. This will make the tourists explore the diverse offerings of Southeast Asia from Thailand’s pristine beaches to Vietnam’s bustling cities.
Study Abroad: Thailand has Proposed Joint Visa Program for Southeast Asian Countries

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  • This initiative will align with Thailand’s broader goal of becoming a regional hub for aviation and logistics. The tourism sector will not only generate significant revenue but also act as a buffer against sluggish exports and a weak global market. 
  • The industry contributes roughly 20% of jobs and 12% of the GDP. The tourism sector plays a crucial role in Southeast Asia’s economic well-being. 
  • Unlike the European Union, Southeast Asian nations have varied immigration policies. In addition to this, achieving consensus with ASEAN known for its slow decision-making processes may be a challenge.

The prime minister of Thailand Srettha Thavisin aims to streamline tourist entry by implementing a single visa for these six nations and therefore, boosts tourist arrivals and maximises revenue per traveler. Thavism aims to welcome 80 million tourists by the year 2027. The PM has also discussed this Schengen-like single visa with counterparts from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Myanmar in the upcoming months.

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