Top 20 Scholarships for International Students Around the World

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Scholarships for International Students Around the world

Today, one should not give up on their ambition of studying abroad solely due to a lack of financial resources. This is the very reason scholarship programmes exist. After all, such programmes can open up a huge window of profitable academic and employment options for those who do not have a solid financial foundation. Aside from scholarship initiatives, college loans are also available for students. So, it should be emphasised that these loans must be repaid to the providers over time. 


Here is a list of the top 20 scholarships available for students from all over the world who want to study in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, Italy or other notable nations.

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List of Scholarships for International Students Around the World

One can pursue their ambition of shaping their career paths in the domains of engineering, social sciences, humanities etc., and that too, from the greatest institutes in the world. But, Aside from scholarship initiatives, college loans are also available for students. Therefore, It should be emphasised that these loans must be repaid to the providers over time. However, for now, we will learn about the top scholarships in the world that can aid your cost of living as a student abroad.

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World Bank Scholarships Program (Worldwide)

The World Bank Scholarship scheme has a reputation for providing competitive scholarships for twenty-six relevant master’s degree programmes at prestigious universities across Europe, the United States, Japan and Africa. Therefore, candidates who choose the aforementioned scholarship programme can be confident that the erudition amount will be fully covered. 

Mastercard Foundation Scholarships (France)

This scholarship programme in France is fractionated into master’s degrees and summer schools. Since its inception, the Mastercard Foundation has been solely focused on aiding roughly 110 promising students from African communities with their education. 

University of Alberta International Distinction Scholarship (Canada)

This Canada-based scholarship programme was devised and established to help promise first-year undergrads with their funds. Additionally, students (carrying visa permits) intending to apply for the said programme can expect to receive a compensation of  CAD120,000 (INR 73,00,000) (payable over 4 years) through this programme.

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Italian Government Scholarships (Italy)

This programme opens up an enormous window of lucrative opportunities for candidates who wish to further their education in Italy.  With its help, candidates can apply for a myriad of lucrative programmes from the top academia in Italy. Individuals intending to opt for the said programme can rest assured as the erudition amount will be fully funded by the conducting body. 

Turkey Government’s Scholarships Program (Turkey)

Turkey is renowned for providing lucrative scholarships to international students. Thus, candidates intending to pursue their higher education from the top academia in Turkey are required to opt for the said programme. Successful candidates can expect the fee of their desired course to be covered by the institute. 

Belgian Government Master Mind Scholarships (Belgium)

This programme is notable for covering most of the financial requirements of international students, including student lodging costs, insurance and living expenses. It is an excellent option for those who wish for a master’s program in Belgium. 

Scuola Normale Superiore Di Pisa Scholarships (Italy)

Candidates intending to pursue their higher education in Italy in subjects related to art, literature, philosophy, mathematics and sciences. Those who wish to further their education in the said subjects are encouraged to apply for the said programme. This programme covers most of the monetary requirements of students. 

University of Lausanne Summer School Program (Switzerland)

Candidates with a biological or medical studies background are eligible to apply for an 8-week scholarship and undergraduate research course in Switzerland. This programme is known for hosting around 15 promising candidates from all over the world.  This programme seeks to attract promising young candidates for a once-in-a-lifetime research experience.

University of Padua Scholarships For International Students (Italy)

The said programme is notable for offering roughly fifty scholarships to deserving students seeking higher education from the prestigious institution.  Considering the institute is quite selective in awarding scholarships, individuals interested in the programme must have excellent academic records. Scholarship students will receive an annual fee waiver of 8,000 (INR 7 Lakhs).

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships (Worldwide)

This programme is renowned for offering generous remuneration amounts to promising students with limited financial resources. However, it should be emphasised that the organisation does not reimburse travel expenditures. Only the initial two years of a PhD study are funded financially. 

Geneva Academy Scholarships (Switzerland)

This scholarship programme is notable for providing lucrative scholarship reimbursements to students intending to further their education in the field of law and justice.

Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships (Ireland)

The said programme is notable for offering sixty remunerative scholarships to prospective students for a year. Candidates intending to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s or PhD degree from the top Irish academia can apply for the said programme. 

University of Bologna Scholarships For International Students (Italy)

The stated institute is renowned for subsidising promising students’ tuition fees of up to €80,000/72,00,000 INR Aside from that, individuals who aspire to study degree programmes at the prestigious institute will be awarded 15 scholarships of €11.059/990 INR each. 

Pgsm Paris Master Scholarships (France)

Candidates aspiring to pursue their master’s degree in the fields of Mathematics and Information Technology from the best academia in Paris are urged to apply for the said programme. The revered body promises to cover most of the monetary needs of international students, including the candidate’s security and registration fees.

Government of Romania Scholarships (Romania)

The government of Romania offers lucrative scholarships to promising candidates hailing from nations that do not belong to Europe. The remuneration promises to cover the education of successful candidates from any one of the top  Romanian institutes. 

Gist Scholarships for International Students (South Korea)

The program is aimed towards individuals who intend to carve lucrative career paths for themselves in the fields of technology and science. Candidates who wish to pursue their undergraduate from the best universities in South Korea are encouraged to apply for the said programme.

Education for Sustainable Energy Development Scholarships (Worldwide)

Every year, the scholarship program awards remunerations of up to USD 10,000/ 820,500 INR per year to a dozen students for two years. 

Taiwan International Higher Education Scholarship (Taiwan)

Candidates who are interested in pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programmes are encouraged to apply for its lucrative scholarship plan. The prestigious institute is well-known for covering the majority of students’ monetary requisites. 

University Twente Scholarship (Netherlands)

This Netherlands-based scholarship programme is revered for offering lucrative scholarship sums to promising candidates hailing from both European and non-European nations. Candidates intending to pursue an MSc (graduate program) degree are urged to apply for the said programme. Prospective candidates who are awarded the scholarship will receive a reimbursement amount of 3,000 (INR 2 lakhs)- 22,000 (INR 19 lakhs) for a year.

Paris-Saclay University Idex Scholarships (France)

These scholarships are provided to first and second-year students pursuing a  master’s programme at the Université Paris-Saclay. The reimbursement amount depends on the level of the candidate’s admission (M1 or M2). 

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Which country has the greatest number of scholarship opportunities?

China is the easiest country where students can apply for scholarships.

Which countries offer free scholarships?

Finland, Germany, Iceland, and Austria are just a handful of countries that offer free or low-cost tuition to overseas students.

How much of a score should a study abroad applicant have in order to be considered for a scholarship?

To be eligible for scholarships,  students intending to pursue education overseas must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0.

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