GMAT Verbal Reasoning: Sample Questions with Answers PDF (FREE DOWNLOAD) 

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GMAT Verbal Questions:  The GMAT’s Verbal Reasoning section is designed to assess a student’s cognitive prowess, aptitude, and preparedness for pursuing higher education in the field of business abroad. The verbal reasoning section of the GMAT focus edition is aligned with the revised format of the said exam. Students intending to take the standardised test must expect the verbal reasoning section to comprise a myriad of challenging multiple-choice questions. 

 That being said, it is crucial for GMAT test takers to keep abreast of the latest GMAT verbal reasoning questions. This will make students confident about attempting the answers and give them a solid idea of how to take on the questions on the day of the exam. That being said, read the complete blog to learn more about GMAT verbal questions.

Latest GMAT Verbal Reasoning Sample Questions and Answers PDF 

GMAT Verbal Reasoning Questions PDF: Here are some sample questions that you can practice to ace your GMAT Verbal Reasoning questions. Download the free PDF from the link given below and practice the questions. Doing so will give you a solid understanding of the types of questions that can be asked, ensuring you are better equipped to tackle such questions on the day of the exam. Click on the link below to download the pdf for GMAT Verbal reasoning sample questions (with answers) for free! 

GMAT Verbal Reasoning: Types of Questions 

The GMAT Verbal Reasoning section tests your reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and grammar skills. It consists of 36 multiple-choice questions (with five answer choices each) that you need to answer in 65 minutes. Here’s a breakdown of the three main question types:

  1. Reading Comprehension (RC): You’ll be given passages on various topics related to business, social sciences, or even physical and biological sciences. The passages will be written in a neutral and academic tone. After reading each passage, you’ll answer 3-4 questions that test your understanding of the passage’s content. These questions might ask you about the main idea, implied information, the author’s purpose, or even contrasting viewpoints.
  2. Critical Reasoning (CR): This section presents arguments or reasoning followed by questions that assess your ability to analyze and evaluate them. You’ll need to identify assumptions, potential flaws, or ways to strengthen the argument. Critical reasoning questions test your ability to think critically and deconstruct the logic behind an argument.
  3. Sentence Correction (SC): This section focuses on your grammar skills. You’ll be given a sentence, often complex and wordy, with some parts underlined. You’ll then see five answer choices, each with a different version of the underlined part. Your job is to pick the answer that corrects any grammatical errors and makes the sentence grammatically sound and clear.

Understanding these question types is crucial for effective GMAT Verbal preparation. By knowing what to expect, you can tailor your study plan to focus on areas that need improvement and develop strategies to tackle each question type effectively.

GMAT Preparation Tips: How to Crack the GMAT in Less than A Month? 

GMAT Preparation Tips: While cramming for the GMAT in just a month may seem intimidating, a carefully crafted plan and strategic execution can make this seemingly impossible challenge achievable. When time is tight, a sharp and focused approach becomes your most crucial weapon. This guide outlines effective strategies to tackle the GMAT within the limited timeframe of a month. Here are some of the most valuable tips to help you conquer the exam in just four weeks.

  1. A well-defined and consistent study plan serves as a powerful tool for optimizing your preparation process and expediting your progress towards your objectives. By meticulously outlining your learning goals, allocating efficient study periods, and maintaining strict adherence to your schedule, you can achieve streamlined learning and reach your desired outcomes with greater rapidity. This structured approach ensures focused utilization of your time and resources, maximizing your overall learning effectiveness and minimizing unproductive distractions.
  2. Mastery of time management proves instrumental in navigating the one-month GMAT preparation. Through its skilful application, you can orchestrate and utilize your study hours with optimal efficiency, thereby reclaiming valuable time and energy for crucial revisions. Furthermore, it acts as a discerning guide, directing your focus towards areas demanding enhanced attention and development. This strategic allocation of resources ensures maximized effectiveness within the limited timeframe, paving the way for success on exam day.
  3. Immerse yourself in a rigorous regimen of practice tests. Engaging with a multitude of sample papers offers a multifaceted benefit. Not only will you gain intimate familiarity with the exam’s structure and subtle nuances, but you will also uncover and meticulously address your individual weak points. This comprehensive approach to test-taking hones your skills build confidence, and illuminates areas demanding further refinement, empowering you to approach the actual GMAT with sharpened acumen and enhanced readiness.
  4. Cultivate a habit of regular reading to fortify your linguistic skills. Engaging with diverse textual materials will naturally enrich your vocabulary, refine your grammar, and bolster your comprehension skills, all of which are fundamental to excelling in the GMAT’s verbal section. Concurrently, revisit the foundational concepts of mathematics, encompassing geometry, algebra, and arithmetic. This rigorous revision will solidify your quantitative skills and propel your performance in the corresponding GMAT section.

Best Books to Improve Your GMAT Scores in 2024 

Refer to the following table to purchase the best GMAT preparation books. These books will help you prepare for the  GMAT verbal section. 

Name of the Book Name of the Author/Publisher PricePurchase Link 
GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review 2022GMACINR 855Click Here To Purchase
GMAT VERBAL WORKBOOKKaplan Test PrepINR 1,277Click Here To Purchase
GMAT Critical Reasoning BibleDavid M KilloranINR 2, 361Click Here To Purchase
GMAT Critical Reasoning Manhattan PrepINR 4, 156Click Here To Purchase

So that was all about the GMAT’s verbal reasoning section. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic. 

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Q1. How to prepare for the GMAT in two months? 

Ans: You can prepare for the GMAT in a month or two by creating a comprehensive study guide, solving numerous sample papers, putting time restrictions whilst preparing, reading more, and by honing your mathematical skills. 

Q2. What are the best books for GMAT preparation? 

Ans: GMAT Official Guide 2023-2024 Bundle, All The Gmat, GMAT Prep Plus 2022-2023, GMAT Prep Book 2022-2023: GMAT Study Guide Secrets and Gmat Official Advanced Question are some of the best books for GMAT preparation. You can refer to these books to prepare for the GMAT within a month. 

Q3. What is the scoring range of the GMAT? 

Ans: 200-800 is the scoring range of the GMAT Exam. 

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