How Much GMAT Score for MBA in USA Required?

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How Much GMAT Score for MBA in USA Required?

The top universities in the USA require students to present their GMAT scores for admission. The GMAT scores measure the analytical, writing,  verbal, quantitative, and reading skills of the students. It helps the university to assess if the applicant is a suitable candidate for the MBA course offered. Hence, knowing the GMAT scores required can help a student to access the requirements of the university and aim to score the same. Keep reading to know more about the GMAT score for MBA in USA.

What Factors Affect the Average GMAT Requirements USA?

GMAT is one of the main admission criteria of US universities. The GMAT is a computer-based examination conducted for a duration of 3.5 hours. A minimum GMAT score of 556.5 is required to secure admission to MBA colleges in USA. The GMAT score requirement varies on the basis of the university. That is, some universities might accept a score of 500 while others only accept a score above 600. Factors affecting the average GMAT score in USA are as follows-

  • The average GMAT score requirement set by a university for admissions is on the basis of the number of applications received
  • Those securing excellent GMAT scores will have an advantage over other applicants
  • Meeting the minimum GMAT score set by a university does not mean that the student will get admission to the university 
  • Getting a high GMAT score can help students cover deficiencies in other areas such as work experience or other academic qualifications.
  • The university only considers the best GMAT score secured by a student.

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GMAT Requirements for Top 10 MBA Universities in USA 

The GMAT scores vary on the basis of the business school. Hence, it is important to know the GMAT score required by a student to study abroad. Here, is the list of the top GMAT requirements for the top MBA universities in USA.

University NameAverage GMAT scoreQS World Ranking 2024Average Total Tuition Fee
MIT- MIT Sloan School of Management7401160,800 USD
Stanford University – Stanford Graduate School of Business
5153,900 USD
Columbia University Columbia Business School727
23154,752 USD
University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School73212166,460 USD
UC Berkeley Haas Business School72710130,710 USD
Northwestern University – Kellogg Business School730
=47152,736 USD
UCLA – Anderson School of Management71529141,694 USD
Yale University – Yale School of Management730
16158,000 USD
The University of Texas at Austin – McCombs School of Business708
58154,380 USD

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Key Areas to Focus on Apart from GMAT 

Although the GMAT is important, it is not the only requirement for admission. Moreover, it is also possible to get admission into US colleges and universities without GMAT. However, there are certain requirements that must be met. These are-

  • Work experience- Ideally five years
  • Well-drafted SOP that outlines the qualifications of the applicant
  • Two letters of recommendation from previous employers

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1. How much GMAT score is required for USA?

GMAT scores between 650-690 are essential for admission into US universities. However, a score of 700 is preferred for admission into top B-schools.

2. Is Cat easier than GMAT?

GMAT is easier than the CAT examination. Full-time professionals might find it hard to clear the CAT examination as compared to the GMAT.

3. Is GMAT required for MBA in USA?

No. GMAT scores are not required by some B-schools in the US. Hence, we can say that GMAT is not a mandatory criterion for admission into US universities. Some universities require GMAT while others do not.

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