Duolingo Daily Writing Topic- Music has a significant impact on our lives.

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Duolingo Daily Writing Topic- Music has a significant impact on our lives.

Q. Music has a significant impact on our lives. Describe the role of music in your life and how it influences your emotions. Share your favourite music genre and why.

Ans. Music plays an important role in our lives. It is a universal language that transcends boundaries and brings people together. For me, music acts as a source of inspiration, solace, and a form of expression. For instance, whenever I am feeling down, listening to Ravi Shankar’s sitar in “Raga Jog” lifts my spirits and inspires me to face challenges with a positive attitude.


Music carries the power to invoke a wide range of emotions. A lively pop song uplifts my mood on a gloomy day, while a soulful melody provides comfort during the time of solitude. A perfect example of this is that whenever I hear A.R Rahmans “Maa Tujhy Salaam”, it makes me feel patriotic and emotional at the same time. It’s fascinating how a simple piece of music or lyrics can resonate so well with our feelings and experiences. 

My favourite genre is classical music. The complexity and depth of classical composition captivate my mind and soul. Each piece tells a story, and the intricate interplay of instruments transports me to a different world. Listening to classical music is not only an auditory experience but is an emotional journey. Moreover, classical music has various cognitive benefits. It helps in enhancing concentration, improving memory and boosting my creativity. In addition to this, classical music’s soothing melodies help me focus, eliminate distractions and make the learning process more enjoyable. For example, whenever I am studying for my exams, I often play Ali Akbar Khan’s “Raga Chandranandan”. The complex yet harmonious melodies help me concentrate and retain information better.

To conclude, music, specifically classical music, plays an important role in my life. It influences my emotions and enriches my daily life experiences. 

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