SAT Scores for Boston University: What is a Good Score for Boston University, Score Analysis, etc. 

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SAT Scores for Boston University: Boston University accepts SAT scores for admission purposes. Hence, SAT test takers can send in their best SAT scores to Boston University if they want to further their education at the university. The required SAT score for admission into Boston University is 1339-1500. However, if you want your application to stand out in front of authorities and wish to have an edge over your competition, you must aim for a score that puts you in a percentile range of 75, i.e., an SAT score of 1500. Read the article to know more about SAT scores for Boston University. 

Name of the University Boston University 
SAT Requirement 1339-1500
Rank #93 in QS World Ranking 2024
Acceptance Rate 18.6%
Minimum GPA 3.71

What is a Good SAT Score for Boston University? 

An SAT score of 1440-1500 is considered to be a good SAT score for Boston University. That being said, any score that is above the average SAT score is a good score for the said university, and can therefore bolster your chances of admission into the prestigious university. 

SAT score in the 1440-1550 range can attest to your remarkable academic prowess and so communicate your caliber in front of selectors. Such a score can make a favorable impression on examiners and help you get selected for the prestigious Boston University. 

Average SAT Score for Boston University 

The Average SAT score for Boston University is 1420. An average SAT score can increase your chances of admission to university, but it does not guarantee that your application will be considered. Having said that, it is recommended that you attempt to score higher than the average SAT score for admission. Furthermore, scores ranging from 1440 to 1550 can be ideal for enrolment purposes into Boston University. 

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Boston University SAT Score Analysis

The required SAT score for admission into Boston University is  1339-1500. Scoring within this range can improve your chances of admission to the university. There is, however, a catch. It is advised that you obtain an SAT score at the higher end of the range, i.e. 1480 to 1500. You will be in the 75th percentile with this score. Having SAT scores in this percentile level gives you a near-certainty of admission to BU. A score of 1339, on the other hand, will position you in the 25th percentile, which is below the average range. This may jeopardise your chances of admission to Boston University. Refer to the following table to understand the correlation between SAT scores and percentile range. 

SectionAverage SAT Score75th Percentile 25th Percentile 
Reading + Writing 690720659
Maths 730780680
Composite 142015001339

How to Send Your SAT Score to Boston University? 

Individuals can refer to the steps outlined below to send their SAT scores to BU. 

  1. First, students must visit the official website of the College Board and create their accounts.
  2. Once done with that, students must sign into their accounts using their login credentials.
  3. Students must then visit the ‘SAT Score Sending’ section of the website. 
  4. Here, students will be required to select their preferred university and enter the university code (BU Code). One must ensure that the code is correct. 
  5. Students are required to enter the code to make Boston University the recipient of SAT scores. 
  6. In case you’ve taken the SAT test multiple times, you must send in your best test score to Boston University. 

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How to Score Better in SAT for Boston University? 

Individuals who wish to pursue their higher education in Boston University must acquire a minimum SAT score of 1339-1500. Such a score may appear challenging to get at first, but it is easily achievable with prior planning and practice. Here are some suggestions to assist you in achieving a good SAT score for BU. 

  1. It’s better that you create a well-streamlined preparation schedule for your SAT exam. A solid preparation schedule will help you prepare better for the exam. The more time you devote to practice and preparation, the better will be your chances of performing well on the SAT exam. 
  2. Solving numerous sample papers will help you understand the nuances of the exam, and thus give you a fair chance at improving your shortcomings. 
  3. Keeping abreast of the SAT exam pattern and syllabus will help you understand the types of questions that may be asked, the time required for candidates to dedicate to each question, and the difficulty level of the questions.  
  4. Set time restrictions during preparation to improve your overall speed and accuracy for solving questions. 
  5. Refer to books that contain the latest information, and are written by notable authors.
  6. Learn all the major maths equations and formulas by heart. This will give you an upper hand in solving the tricky questions posed in the maths section of SAT
  7. Make a habit of reading more. This will improve your vocabulary and grammar skills, which may come in handy in the reading/ writing section of the SAT. 
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What is the average SAT scores for Boston University? 

The average SAT score for BU is 1420. 

What is a good SAT score for Boston University? 

An SAT score of 1440-1500 is a good score for Boston University. 

What is the minimum GPA required for Boston University? 

3.71 is the minimum GPA for Boston University 

The minimum SAT score required for Boston University admission is 1339-1500. This is a competitive score for many to achieve. Therefore, one must prepare well for the exam and devote most of their time to preparing and practising for the exam. 

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