PTE Select Missing Word Task

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PTE Select Missing Word Task

Are you looking for a great way to improve your English skills? Have you ever heard of PTE Select Missing Word tasks? This type of task is becoming increasingly popular with students who are preparing for their PTE exams, and it can be a great way to improve your ability to understand English in context. In this blog post, I’ll explain what PTE Select Missing Word tasks are, how they work, and why they are such an effective approach to mastering English. So if you’re ready to take your English language proficiency to next level, keep reading!

Exam Full NamePearson Test of English
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Exam ModeOnline
Skills TestedEnglish Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading
PTE Exam FeesINR 15,900
Official Websitehttps://www.pearsonpte.com/pte-academic

What is the PTE Select Missing Word Task?

The PTE Select Missing Word task tests your ability to understand and use spoken English. In this task, you will hear a short recording and then choose the best word to fill the space in each sentence.

This task is designed to assess your ability to understand spoken English and to select the most appropriate word to complete a sentence. The recordings will be of various topics and will get progressively harder as you move through the task.

You will have 40 seconds to prepare for each recording and 1 minute to answer the questions. There are a total of 8-10 questions in this task.

Marking Scheme for PTE Select Missing Word Task

Before preparing for every task of exam, keep in mind the weightage and duration of these parts. This is the table which will tell you the duration, the number of questions and the marks of this part:

TaskNumber of QuestionsDurationMarks
Select Missing Word1-220-60 secondsAccording to the listening score

Tips for Mastering the PTE Select Missing Word Task

One of the most challenging tasks on the PTE Academic exam is the Select Missing Word task. In this task, you will listen to a recording and then type in the word that is missing from the transcript.

To succeed in this task, you need to have a good understanding of vocabulary and grammar. You also need to be able to listen carefully and identify the missing word in the context of the sentence.

Here are some tips for mastering the PTE Select Missing Word task:

Listen Carefully

Listening to the recording carefully is key to success on this task. Pay attention to the intonation and context of the sentences, as these can help you understand what word is missing.

Practice with Real-Life Recordings

In addition to practising with practice tests, it’s also helpful to listen to real-life recordings in English, such as conversations or lectures. This will give you a better understanding of how native speakers use English.

Focus on Grammar and Vocabulary

The PTE Select Missing Word task requires that you have a good understanding of grammar rules and vocabulary to select the correct answer. Spend some time studying grammar rules and learning new words so that you are prepared for this task.

Study Sample Questions

There are plenty of sample questions available online for the PTE Select Missing Word task. Studying these will help you get a feel for what types of questions to expect and how to approach them.

Take Your Time

You don’t need to rush through this task. Take your time and focus on understanding each sentence before selecting the correct word. This will help ensure that you get the highest score possible.


What is the format of the PTE Select Missing Word task?

The PTE Select Missing Word task consists of a short audio clip and text with a missing word. You will be required to select from up to four options, which one you think best fits into the sentence or completes it.

How many words does each option contain?

Each option can contain up to two words. However, only one word may be selected as the correct answer.

Are there any tips for doing PTE select missing word type of task?

Yes! Make sure that you pay close attention to the audio and text. Try to think of the context of the sentence and consider all the options before selecting one. Also, try to use synonyms or related words if you find an unfamiliar word.

What happens if I don’t know any of the words in an option?

If none of the options is familiar, try to read through the sentence again and see which one best completes it based on context clues from the rest of the sentence. You can also rely on grammar rules and tools such as dictionaries for help.

The Task is also a great way to practice your reading and listening skills while also improving your ability to recognize patterns in language. By practising this task, you can gain confidence in completing the same type of questions that may appear in the actual PTE exam. With enough practice and dedication, you will be sure to ace this part of the test with flying colours.

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