Improve Your PTE Writing Scores Quickly

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Improve Your PTE Writing Scores Quickly
Improve Your PTE Writing Scores Quickly

The Pearson Test of English is a standardized English Language test which is taken by candidates planning to join colleges or universities abroad. Candidates willing to work abroad can also take up this test. The PTE is a  computer-based test that is conducted for two hours and comprises three stages, i.e. reading, speaking and writing and listening skills. 


The PTE exam is recognized by most countries and major universities. Notwithstanding this, candidates should do their own research on whether the country or university they are planning to move/study in accepts PTE scores.

Name of the exam Pearson Test of English
Conducting bodyPearson PLC Group
Mode of examOnline
Purpose of examEnglish proficiency test
Sections English Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading
Exam duration2 hours

Tips to improve your PTE Writing Scores Quickly

The writing section in PTE exam assesses the candidates on two major skills; spoken and written section. The overall time duration that the students are advised to spend on this section is between 45-50 minutes. 

There are two main sections in the writing part i.e: Summarize the text and essay writing. Candidates will be given approximately 10 minutes to summarize the text and 20 minutes will be given for essay writing. 

Essay Writing Tips

Below are some points that the students can follow to ace their essay writing section of a PTE test.Improve Your PTE Writing Scores by implementing these tips.

  • Students should use appropriate grammar and synonyms wherever required. 
  • Always stick to the word limit and keep the essay between 200 to 400 words. 
  • The essay should consist of an introduction, a body with the idea incorporated in it as well as a conclusion.
  • The candidates should make sure that they analyse the question and identify all the important and relevant points which can be used in their essay. 
  • Candidates should properly read the essay topic and understand the key points that need to be covered. 
  • Candidates should use proper vocabulary and grammar in their essays while maintaining the academic style of writing. 
  • Candidates should always proofread before submitting their essays. 

Summarise the Text Tips

The above covers the essay writing section. However, there is also another section for summarizing text. Below are some points that the students can follow to ace their summarize the text section. Improve Your PTE Writing Scores by follwoing these tips.

  • The candidates should be able to summarize the text within 75 words only. 
  • The candidates are advised to capitalize all the starting words and nouns in a sentence. 
  • The candidates should write the summary in the third person form i.e, they should avoid using I, me, we and so on. 
  • The candidates can jot down the important points and make a rough draft. Subsequently, they can then refer to those important points while summarizing the text. 
  • Candidates can read newspapers, listen to podcasts, and watch documentaries or movies to improve their command of the English language which in turn will improve their overall performance. 

Tips to Improve Vocabulary

Credit: GauravKaushal

To clear the PTE writing test it is important to have a strong vocabulary. The best way to improve vocabulary is to read books or articles regularly. Here are some tips that related to vocabulary that a PTE test-taker must be aware of. Improve Your PTE Writing Scores by following these tips

  • Many people make the mistake of not checking what they have written. When it comes to the PTE exam, take words and phrases from the passages, check for spelling errors, and correct if there are any mistakes.
  • It is important to be aware of spelling mistakes as it is a computerized test. Most people forget to put ‘s’ or ‘es’ in the words. Ensure not to make such spelling mistakes. Improve Your PTE Writing Scores by being aware of the spelling mistakes

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Syllabus for Writing Section of PTE exam 

In order to maximize their performance, candidates should keep an eye on the syllabus and prepare accordingly. This will help candidates identify their weak points as well as strong areas and then prioritize them during the exam. It is important to note here that the speaking and writing sections in the PTE go hand in hand and are combined. The syllabus for the writing section is as follows. Improve Your PTE Writing Scores by following the syllabus and preparing for the exam.

PTE SectionSyllabusTotal Questions/Duration
PTE Speaking & WritingPersonal Introduction
Read Aloud
Repeat Sentence
Describe Image
Retell Lecture
Answer Short Questions
Summarize Written Text
No. of Questions: 28 – 36
Duration: 54 – 67 minutes


What parts are there in the writing section of the PTE exam?

There are two sections i.e., summarizing the text and essay writing. The candidates are advised to give approximately 40 minutes to the writing section of the exam.

How many times can a student attempt the PTE exam?

There is no specific limit set as to how many times a student can give the PTE exam but according to the Pearson group (the conducting body) any student can appear for the test as many times as they wish to but it should be taken up with a gap of 5 days. 

What is the validity of the PTE score?

The Pearson test for English is valid for 2 years and is majorly accepted by universities and institutions abroad.

In this blog, we have covered the tips which candidates can use to improve their  PTE writing scores quickly. Candidates can use the tips from this blog to improve their PTE writing scores and perform better across sections of the PTE exam. 

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