How to Prepare for the PTE Exam 2023?

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PTE Exam

Pearson VUE administers the Pearson Test of English Academic 2023, a globally renowned English language competence examination. PTE Academic is recognised by many universities, institutions, and even certain countries for immigration purposes. The PTE Academic is not a test of extensive English knowledge; rather, it assesses the candidate’s fundamental ability to comprehend English.

Exam name Pearson Test of English Academic
Short name PTE 
Conducting Body Pearson
Level of exam University Level Exam
Languages English
Application mode Online
Exam mode Online
Duration of exams 3 Hours

PTE Exam 2023 Exam Preparations

Candidates who want to do well in their PTE Academic Exam will need to follow a robust PTE Preparation strategy in order to get a decent PTE score. This article has been written with the sole purpose of offering the greatest PTE exam prep tips for our PTE exam candidates. Continue reading to learn more about PTE test preparation 2023, PTE preparation online, PTE study material, PTE exam preparation at home, and other effective tips.

Preparation Tips

  • Strengthen your Grammar, sentence structure, pronunciation, and punctuation skills. 
  • Listen to native English voices, particularly TED talks and comparable content, and concentrate on terminology and fluency.
  • Practice the PTE test preparation for free grammar tools for writing.
  • Students should only study from genuine PTE exam preparation materials
  • 5 to 10 minutes of practice using knowledge-building activities such as quizzes will be helpful 
  • Choose PTE online Preparation methods such as coaching, individual tuition, and youtube videos.
  • Model answers are immensely helpful for PTE exam practice.
  • Reading and speaking English on a regular basis will help you solve PTE practice tests.
  • Take a recording of yourself speaking while taking a PTE mock exam.

Preparation from the Official Website 

Candidates are encouraged to visit the PTE-A, Pearson PLC Group official website. PTE exam takers may access a variety of free PTE preparation materials available on the official website. Candidates can also purchase PTE preparation materials online to aid their preparation.

Preparation Through PTE Practice App 

The official PTE practice app is one of the great ways to boost your PTE exam preparation method since it has all of the important details.  The app includes relevant information regarding the PTE exam pattern, score, and more.  Practice papers are available both online and offline.  A study planner is also included to keep track of your progress. The app also helps in providing 

Suggestions for daily PTE preparation to improve abilities. Last but not least the app also has some excellent  Exam Day tips.

Website for PTE Preparation 

There are a few PTE preparation websites that may assist you in enhancing your practice; some of the greatest PTE preparation websites that you can use are listed below:

  • ROMAN PTE Student Portal
  • APEUni. 
  • E2Language
  • Roman PTE Mock Test
  • PTE Tutorial

PTE Exam 2023 Online Coaching 

MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), is a PTE Online Preparation tool that was launched by PTE and is free for all users. Candidates who want to use this PTE Online Preparation tool must be enrolled in a course in order to access the free PTE course material.

The PTE online preparation tool, MOOC, is intended to acquaint candidates with the PTE Academic test format and question types through video coaching and online practice. The course was created in collaboration with E2Language, a global online test preparation and coaching provider for the PTE Academic and other English language exams.

PTE Exam 2023 Section-Wise Preparation Tips

Writing section 

In this part, you must write in response to the questions, and your written responses are assessed. The PTE Academic writing module is broken into two parts, and we will share tips for each of those sub-components.

  • A perfect score of 90 out of 90 is achievable with good vocabulary and grammar. You can expect to score approximately 73 if you have average vocabulary and grammar.
  • Try to limit your responses to 35-45 words. Avoid using excessively long sentences since scoring algorithms may struggle to analyse them accurately.
  • Take note of the punctuation.
  • In a sentence, capitalize all of the first words and nouns.
  • Unless specifically requested, do not supply any examples.
  • Avoid writing the summary in the first person.
  • Put more focus on the last paragraph for a summary.
  • Try to summarise each paragraph in a line. 

Listening section 

This section’s questions are based on audio and video recordings. You can only listen to each video or audio clip once. Here are some pointers for each type of question to help you prepare for the PTE Academic listening section.

  • Listening actively, which entails learning to listen to English in a more focused way. Concentrate on the words that need greater attention.
  • Watch movies and TV shows with subtitles first, then without them.
  • Listening to fresh information expands your vocabulary, which enhances your grasp of spoken English.
  • Don’t make assumptions since this question has negative markings.
  • It is advised that you read the questions properly and understand them before starting the audio.
  • Keep your focus intact till the end as important information can be provided at the end. 


Here are some suggestions for each type of question to help you prepare for the PTE Academic speaking portion.

  • The sentences will sound more realistic if you use a rising tone at the beginning and a falling tone at the finish.
  • If you realise you’ve made an error, continue to talk and don’t stop.
  • From the first day of preparation until the exam day, practice with new tongue twisters every day.
  • Close your eyes and try to remember the sentence.
  • Since there is no buzzer at the conclusion, simply begin speaking once the tape concludes.
  • If you can’t recall the entire statement, concentrate on the keywords and repeat them.


The key to passing the PTE Academic reading portion is fluency, attention, and understanding. When taking the test, you will need all of these abilities at once, but when practising, you will have to acquire them in stages.

  • Understand the passage’s core theme and concentrate on keywords to come to the correct answer.
  • Concentrate on the frequency of words and accordingly try to discover the correct answer.
  • As there is no negative marking for this question, answer it rather than leaving it blank.
  • Apply the rule of elimination. Limit your alternatives as much as possible.
  • To understand what type of information to look for, read the question before reading the text.
  • Remember the text’s material since the questions won’t be asked chronologically and the answer will be found anywhere within the passage.
  • Learn to rephrase, which is to express using alternative terms.

Books to Aid PTE Exam Preparation 

Here are some listed books that will help the candidates to get ready for the PTE exam.

  • Official Guide to PTE Academic by Pearson PTE Academic
  • Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2
  • PTE Practice Test Plus with Key, Vol 1 and 2
  • PTE Academic Official Vocabulary 2020-2022
  • Aspire C1 Practice Tests with Key

PTE Exam 2023 Eligibility 

The organising authority has not specified any formal educational qualification or eligibility criteria. However, the eligibility is specified in terms of the candidate’s age restriction, which is as follows.

  • The applicant must be at least 16 years old.
  • If the candidate is under the age of 18, he or she must provide documentation of parental consent in order to appear for the examination.

PTE Exam 2023 Application Process

The PTE 2023 application form is available on the official website. To apply for the PTE Academic 2023 exam, candidates must first create a Pearson VUE account on its official website. Candidates may apply for the  PTE 2023 exams online, where they must first register, fill out the application form, and then pay to take the exam. To avoid mistakes in their application, candidates must follow the step-by-step instruction mentioned below. 

  • Visit the official website.
  • On the homepage, click the ‘Register now’ tab.
  • Click the ‘Apply’ button next to the specified course.
  • Register for a new account.
  • After registering successfully, a login ID and password will be generated, which must be saved for future access.
  • Candidates must log in using their login credentials after successfully registering.
  • Complete the forms with your name, date of birth, gender, address, and other details. 
  • Select your preferred test centre and exam date for PTE academic test.
  • Upload all essential documents, including the candidate’s photo and signatures.
  • Pay the required application fees in online mode. 
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button. 

PTE Exam 2023 Application Fees

The PTE registration fee has been reduced to INR 14,700 inclusive of taxes, and applicants may pay using any of the available payment methods.

PTE exam registration fees can be paid with MasterCard, American Express, JCB credit cards, as well as Visa debit cards. The confirmation email will be sent to the registered email ID 48 hours after payment, along with the date, time, and location of the exam. Candidates may obtain a hard copy of the acknowledgement receipt.

PTE Exam 2023 Syllabus 

The points list the topic-wise syllabus for the PTE exam 2023. There are 4 sections in total. Candidates must check the syllabus properly and start making a study plan to complete their preparation on time. 

Section of PTE Writing & Speaking

  • Read Out loud 
  • Repeating Sentence 
  • Description of Image 
  • Retell Lecture 
  • Solve Short Questions 
  • Summarize Given Text 
  • Essay writing 

Section of PTE Reading

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Select One Answer 
  • Rearrange paragraphs
  • Fill in the Blanks  

Section of PTE Listening

  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer 
  • Fill in the Blanks 
  • Mark Correct Summarization 
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer 
  • Choose a Missing Word 
  • Identify Incorrect Words  
  • Dictation to Writing

PTE Exam 2023 Exam Pattern

The PTE Academic 2023 exam assesses applicants’ language abilities in four areas: writing, speaking, reading, and listening. According to the PTE 2023 exam pattern, the writing and speaking modules are combined into one; the reading and listening modules are conducted individually. The aggregate score achieved from the PTE Academic exam is used to evaluate all examinees. The PTE Academic 2023 computer-based test lasts two hours and 15 minutes in total. Candidates must listen to, respond to, and read the questions using a computer and a headphone.

Sections Total Questions Total duration 
PTE Writing & Speaking Total questions 28 to 36 54 mins to 67 mins
PTE Reading Total questions 13 to 18 29 mins to 32 mins
PTE Listening Total questions 12 to 20 30 mins to 42 mins

PTE Exam 2023 Results 

PTE Academic 2023 results may only be viewed using the registered PTE account. To obtain the PTE exam results for 2023, candidates must follow the steps outlined below.

  • Once you have received the email, go to the PTE Academic official website.
  • Sign in with your username and password.
  • Select the “View Score Reports” option.
  • On the screen, the PTE academic 2023 score will be presented.
  • You may view your overall score and save it for future use.

Details in the PTE 2023 Scorecard

Candidates will see the following information in their PTE Academic score reports.

  • Personal information and a picture of the candidate
  • ID and score code
  • Overall score 
  • section-wise score

How to Send PTE Exam 2023 Scores to Universities

Candidates can share their PTE academic score with the institutions or colleges of their choice by entering into their registered PTE academic account. The PTE academic results can be shared by following the steps outlined below.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Select ‘View Score Reports.’
  • Select ‘Send Scores’.
  • Now, enter the name of your desired university and select the Search tab.
  • When the name of the institution shows in the list, check the box next to it.
  • Review your information, then click ‘Next’ to validate your information and share your score.
  • Candidates may easily share their PTE academic results 2023 with as many universities as they like.

Validity of PTE Scores 2023

The validity period of the PTE Academic 2023 score is two years. Candidates can upload their scores to as many universities as they choose during this time. They also do not have to pay any further fees to share their scores with the universities.


PTE test score is valid for how many years?

The PTE Academic exam results are valid for 2 years.

How many times can the PTE exam be taken?

The PTE exam can be taken as many times as necessary.

What is the minimum PTE Academic exam score required?

There is no minimum PTE Academic score. The minimal score will be determined by the university to which you are applying.

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