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If you are planning to study in Canada and you want to know about PTE Scores you need for Canadian Universities, you have come to the right place! Around 90% of Canadian Universities use PTE scores, which are valid for study visas in Canada. Pearson Test of English is conducted for students who want to settle abroad as permanent residents or study abroad. 


The PTE test will assess your English speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. Students can also opt for IELTS or any other English test, but PTE is one of the most straightforward exams to attempt and have the scores you are aiming for. 

Particulars Details 
Exam Name PTE 
Full Name Pearson Test of English 
Conducting Body Pearson
Application Mode Online
Exam Mode Online
Exam Level University Level
Exam Duration 3 Hours 

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PTE Scores for Canada in Different Courses

Students can choose their university on the basis of their course and PTE score. Just for starters here, the University of Alberta accepts PTE scores between 61-68, the University of Calgary accepts a minimum of 59 PTE scores, Simon Fraser accepts between PTE 61-65 and British Columbia selects candidates having PTE scores of 65-72. 

The list of Canadian Universities according to the course students are choosing is

 mentioned below in the table content.

PTE Scores for MBA in Canada 

Master’s of Business Administration is one of the most desired courses for students to study abroad. The list of the top colleges in Canada accepting PTE scores is mentioned below. 

Universities in Canada PTE Scores 
University of Manitoba 65 
Toronto Metropolitan University 63
UBS Sauder of Business 60 in each section and 65 in academic tests. 
Queens University Smith School of Business No set bar 
Concordia University 61 with a band score of 53 

PTE Scores for Engineering in Canada 

The list of top Engineering universities accepting Pearson Test of English scores is shown in the table given below. 

Universities in Canada PTE Scores 
University of Alberta 61 with a 60 band score 
University of Calgary 70 
Simon Fraser University 65 with 60 in each section
University of Waterloo 63 with 65 in writing and speaking 
Dalhousie University 65 
McMaster University 60 
University of British Columbia 65 in academic tests and a band score of 60
York University 58
University of Guelph 60 
University of Manitoba 61

PTE Score of MS in Canada 

Master’s in Science are offered by more than 100 public and private universities in Canada. The list of the top universities for MS in Canada is mentioned in the table below. 

Universities in Canada PTE Scores 
University of Manitoba 61
University of Waterloo 63
University of Alberta 61 with a 60 band score 
Simon Fraser University 65 with a 60 band score
University of Guelph 60
Dalhousie University 65 with a 54 band score 

How to Calculate PTE Scores

Pearson Test of English has three major sections, PTE Listening, PTE Reading and PTE Speaking and Writing. Students can score easily in all the sections. You just have to prepare the PTE course and each section diligently. The way to calculate your PTE scores is mentioned briefly below:

  • The PTE points are calculated on the basis of formal tone, and correctness and some of the tasks are solely based on correct answers. 
  • The total calculation of the scores is done by collecting data from an automated machine having scoring technology. 
  • There are mainly two types of scoring in the PTE examination, Partial credit and Correct & Incorrect answers. Partial credit is given to all correct answers and all wrong answers will be deducted from points earned from correct answers. Incorrect answers will lead you to zero points. 
  • For every correct answer, you will be rewarded with one point. 

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How many sections are there in the PTE examination? 

There are mainly three sections in the PTE examination: PTE Reading, PTE Speaking and Writing and last PTE Listening. 

What is the full form of PTE? 

PTE is known as the Pearson Test of English. It is conducted to evaluate the English proficiency of students willing to study abroad or settle abroad. 

How many times can students give PTE Examination? 

Students can give PTE examination as many times as they want and the scores will be valid for at least two years. 

We hope the above information regarding the PTE scores in the top Canadian Universities is helpful for the candidates. Build a plan with Leverage Edu‘s Leverage Live classes and our top trainers to get closer to a spot in your dream college. For any help with your PTE preparation or study abroad journey, you can reach out to us at 1800-572-000.

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