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Australia is home to some of the top-ranking universities in the world which makes it an ideal choice for international students to pursue their education at various famous universities located there. However, it is mandatory for international students coming from non-English speaking countries to prove their English language proficiency for successful visa application approval as approximately 73% of the population of Australia speaks English.

In order to prove their English language proficiency, students need to usually take a test. The PTE test is the most convenient of all the other tests available as it can be taken from the comfort of your home or an exam centre (as per preference), it is computer-based, unbiased, can recognise accents from all over the world and is accepted by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) of the Government of Australia for all visa categories and 100% of Australian universities.

Name of the Exam Pearson Test of English or PTE
Conducting Body Pearson PLC Group
Official Website
Exam Mode Online
Skills Assessed English Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

PTE Score Requirements for Australia

In order to be eligible for the Australian student visa, the student must get a minimum score of 42 on the PTE Academic test. However, a minimum score of 36 on the PTE Academic test is accepted under the condition that the student must attend at least 10 weeks of English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS). 

Further, a minimum score of 30 on the PTE Academic test is accepted, if the student attends 20 weeks of ELICOS instead of 10. It is important to keep in mind that the PTE Academic test must be taken by the student 2 years prior to applying for the Australian student visa.

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Minimum Score Requirements for Australia

The table given below represents the minimum score requirements for each of the test compartments as per the Australia Department of Home Affairs:

English Language Proficiency Level Test Component PTE Academic Minimum Score
Functional Overall Score 30
Vocational Listening 36
Vocational Writing 36
Vocational Reading 36
Vocational Speaking 36
Competent Listening 50
Competent Writing 50
Competent Reading 50
Competent Speaking 50
Proficient for points-tested skilled visas Listening 65
Proficient for points-tested skilled visas Writing 65
Proficient for points-tested skilled visas Reading 65
Proficient for points-tested skilled visas Speaking 65
Superior for points-tested skilled visas Listening 79
Superior for points-tested skilled visas Writing 79
Superior for points-tested skilled visas Reading 79
Superior for points-tested skilled visas Speaking 79

Why Choose PTE Exam?

As a student when appearing for the English proficiency test, you might have questions about why the PTE academic test and not any other English proficiency test. Well, here are the reasons why you should consider the PTE Academic test over other tests:

  • It is the fastest English proficiency test available. You can book a slot at your earliest convenience, take the 2-hour test, and get the result within 48 hours.
  • The PTE Academic test is a 100% computerised-based test. Every recorded response is marked according to accuracy, consistency, and discrepancy.
  • PTE Academic Test is the most trusted English proficiency test in Australia. The scores are easily accepted by most universities in Australia. 
  • The score of the PTE Academic test is also readily accepted by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) of Australia for all the different visa categories that require proof of English language proficiency. 


What are the sections in the PTE Academic exam?

There are three sections in the PTE test which are Speaking and Writing, Reading and Listening.

Which part of the PTE Academic exam is most difficult?

According to the examinees, among the three, the PTE Reading section is considered the most complicated part of the PTE test. A large number of applicants miss most of their points in their reading proficiency.

Can I take the PTE Academic exam at home?

With PTE Academic Online, you can take your test anywhere, at home, in an office, or wherever you have a quiet, private space. PTE Academic Online uses the same test content, scoring and format as PTE Academic in a test centre.

The PTE test score is the most accepted by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) for all Australian visa applications. It is the most widely used English proficiency test and is accepted by universities in Australia, professional associations and government departments for work migration. In this blog, we have discussed the score requirements from the PTE exam for a candidate looking to study in Australia. We hope candidates interested in such information find this blog useful.

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